Gran Giostra dei Sedili of Naples with duels and tournaments from the Renaissance period

Carousel of Seats in Naples
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Historical re-enactments, equestrian rides and Renaissance costumes at the Giostra dei Sedili in Naples

The 3 4 and October 2015, the city of Naples will return to host the Grand carousel of the seats, a choreographic event that took place in a sumptuous style during the Renaissance period, during the Aragonese domination.

A majestic parade composed of knights, ladies, flag bearers, drummers and armigers dressed in period clothing will parade from the Maschio Angioino, passing via Medina e via Toledo and it will culminate with the blessing of Don Salvatore Fratellanza, delegate of Cardinal Sepe, of the Confaloni still present in the inner courtyard of the Castle.
Moreover, those who had a medieval costume, deemed suitable by the organizers, they can participate for free in the parade.

The event is organized by the "Compagnia dell'Aquila Bianca" with the patronage of the City of Naples and the support of the Tourism and Culture Department and sees the extraordinary participation of the flag wavers of Marino Marzano of Sessa Aurunca, of the historical dance group from Salerno "Il Contrapasso", of the Association "I Sedili di Napoli", of the Jubilee Choir of Naples, of the Company of the 3 Lions of Naples. The guest of honor will be the “Aragonese Madonna” Ilenia Incoglia.

The duel

In this evocative setting will also take place a duel among the 7 knights in armor and launches into remains, representing the historians Seats of Naples, whose masters of the equestrian art were among the best in the whole field of the cavalry of the glorious and vast Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

The Grand Giostra

The Grand Equestrian Joust of the Seatsinstead, it will be recalled at the Agnano Hippodrome, with the presence of horses, knights in armor, fencing tournaments and military tents. There will also be a test of skill, governed by the ancient laws of care and loyalty.

Program of the Giostra dei Sedili of Naples

Saturday October 3 2015
Historical procession with departure of the Maschio Angioino
Timetable: 15.00
Blessing of the Gonfaloni
Timetable: 17.00

Sunday October 4 2015
Giostra dei Sedili of Naples with a duel between knights
Timetable: 12.00
Where: Agnano Racecourse

Information on the Carousel of the Seats of Naples

When: the 3 and the 4 October 2015

  • Maschio Angioino, Piazza Castello
  • Hippodrome of Agnano, via Raffaele Ruggiero

Price: free entry
Info: Roberto Cinquegrana 3396863150 | Facebook event

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