Gubbio, the apocalyptic lunch between vomiting and diarrhea: it's a fake news

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101 diners of which about twenty ended up in the emergency room: this is what happened at the beginning of October in Gubbio during a fish lunch in a restaurant in the city center

It took only a few days and the "Gubbio case" became of national interest due to the WhatsApp audio spread on the net in spite of any privacy law. But let's proceed calmly: at the beginning of October a group of fishing enthusiasts from a club on the Adriatic coast of Marche they would go on a trip to Umbria. Gubbio they would fish in artificial lakes for sport fishing then they would go to a restaurant in the center together with other people for a total of 101 diners.

After lunch panic breaks out in the Gubbio restaurant

Fishing enthusiasts ate fish, both cooked and raw and even some tuna caught by the same guests of the restaurant in the center of Gubbio. Immediately after eating some of the diners, around twenty in all, would have suffered severe pain in the stomach and belly with vomiting, nausea and dysentery. Of these "apocalyptic scenes" as some define them, the audios have been disseminated that in these hours chase each other on social networks so as to become a viral topic and a trend topic.

It has not yet been ascertained whether it was afood poisoning or of an acute gastrointestinal virus and with immediate effects. In the audio on social networks, people close to the protagonists of this misadventure can be heard saying that there would have been a "stampede" and some would not even have reached the bathroom: carrying out their needs in the car or on their own.

At the restaurant of Gubbio two ambulances arrived and only one individual entered the emergency room for the same symptomatology in the preceding weeks but it is not clear whether this can be traced back to this case. Meanwhile, the web is crazy about memes and audio.

Is the news from Gubbio a Fake News?

The event took place, it is not a total fake news, but apparently it seems having been inflated from the virality of the audio ended up on social networks. It was the restaurant to put a post on Facebook where he stated:

After noting that at a distance of days these suppositions (because this is only "chatter") are still fed by mere rumors of the people, I find myself forced to reply. It is true that on the day of lunch, 118 medical personnel intervened at the restaurant, however, this intervention was necessary due to personal health problems that afflicted two customers, but which have nothing to do, in any way. , with the quality and / or type of food served at the restaurant ".

He further added:

“We had allowed members of the fishing company to have lunch in our restaurant. They brought raw fish to them from outside and, as far as I know, they had it filleted in another place. So we only hosted over one hundred people. This might be enough to justify me, but I would like to deny what is circulating on social media. It is chatter that is fueled by people's voices ”. “We wanted to create a case that does not exist by publishing even scabrous false images, since the immortalized people are not in my place,” she then concluded. 

Moreover, as far as he seems to be social audio were disseminated by a ragazzo, very well known in the country for being a lot goliardic. The latter, after realizing the extent of his messages, apologized by going to the restaurant.

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