The grand finale of the Palomontese Carnival with floats and good food


The end of the Palomonte Carnival will be held on Sunday 3 March, giving life to an afternoon of celebration starting from 14 pm Piazza Monsignor Palatucci a Palomonte crossroads. This celebration represents the culmination of a series of events that have already achieved great success in the localities of Perrazze e Palomonte Valley, carrying allegorical floats and masks through the streets of the hamlets.

Between music, floats and culinary delights

The area food will open its doors at 11am, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy local culinary delights. The afternoon will be full of Entertainment, with the parade of allegorical wagons which will kick off at 14pm. The floats are the result of months of work and creativity, representing social themes, allegories and local traditions with impressive mobile structures.

The prizegiving, where one jury of experts will award awards for choreography, social theme, allegory, scenic impact, as well as categories of masks and costumes, for their elegance and simplicity, and evolution in movement.

In the evening, starting from 18pm, the square will transform into one dance floor at the rate of disco music, animated by DJ. A moment of celebration that combines fun, art and memories, with special prizes dedicated to the memory of Giada d'Elia e Adriano Chiola, two young artists who passed away prematurely.

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  • Where: Palomontese, Salerno
  • When: Sunday March 03 2024
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Written by Andrew Navarro
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