The Molo San Vincenzo in Naples will reopen with a nice walk on the sea

San Vincenzo pier

Finally after years the Molo San Vincenzo in Naples will reopen with a nice walk on the sea!

The Molo San Vincenzo, located inside the Naples pier, it extends in front of the beautiful Maschio Angioino. To access it it is necessary to cross the gardens of the Molosiglio, near the Royal Palace and the Parthenope University.

In recent times, however, the citizens they could not use of this stretch of the city for a beautiful walk of about 2 km on the sea because, the Molo San Vincenzo of Naples is accessible only by crossing an area of ​​competence of the Marina Militare, an area that is, however impassable.

The Molo San Vincenzo in Naples reopens to the public

Precisely for this reason these days, the association VivoaNapoli and the Propeller Clubs along with various competent authorities, have decided to give this piece of the city back to the citizens through the construction of a pedestrian walkway, and probably also cycle path, for stroll along the San Vincenzo pier. 

For the realization of this path, which will allow citizens to walk on the sea of ​​Naples, thus respecting the prohibition of access to the military area, it will be fundamental the intervention of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti who will take care of the financing and its construction.

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Written by Serena De Luca
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