The Molo San Vincenzo in Naples reopens with a beautiful illuminated walk on the sea

Pier San Vincenzo

Finally the Molo San Vincenzo in Naples reopens to the public and does so with a beautiful walk on the sea where there is also a landing place for large yachts. A really very interesting and beautiful project that is planned in pact signed by the Municipality of Naples with the Navy and the Port Authority.

The walk will be inaugurated the August 6 2022, promises the mayor Gaetano Manfredi, and the result of the works and projects in progress will be beautiful.

The inauguration of the new promenade

So, on August 6 there will be the inauguration from 18.30. One will be organized walk on a boat of the Ormeggiatori Group to present the ancient pier in the presence of the Mayor, the President of the AdSPMTC Andrea Annunziata and the Councilor for Infrastructure and Transport, Edoardo Cosenza.

The institutions will present the project in detail.

The promenade on the sea and the yachts: this is the project

The new pier will change its face and there will be one illuminated seaside promenade with a spectacular landscape and a landing place for mega-yachts. This idea is aimed at bringing quality and high-level tourism to Naples, moving the economy. Not only that, because the newly signed project also wants to protect the operation and safety of the Naval Base there, where citizens will not be able to access.

The works also include a shared video surveillance system and a gate at the entrance that will close the pier when there will be storm surges or bad weather.

Here is in detail how the walk will be structured:

  • it starts from the gate located at the Naval League;
  • it unravels towards the Molosiglio gardens;
  • it is 3 meters wide;
  • the route will be tangent to the Molosiglio Naval Base;
  • it will arrive at the entrance gate of the offshore sailing center, will go around the yard of the boats of the Sailing Section and will cross the area of ​​the slides and the sails washing tank (the latter will then be demolished).

Will the lift for disabled sailors was also demolished and will be built accessible ramps to everyone. From the ramps dismount area, you can reach the pier where a walkway will also be built next to the breakwater barrier, a walkway that will be raised to allow everyone a beautiful view of the sea.

Pier San Vincenzo
Photo source: Republic

The renovation of the Bourbon wall

In addition, the Bourbon wall that surrounds the area will be refurbished from scratch. Currently the wall is in poor condition, the state of decay is excessive so it is necessary to intervene to completely renovate it.

All of these projects aim to give citizens back one public space where you can spend time just to walk and relax.

The connection with the new Piazza Municipio

The Pier will thus be connected not only toport area of ​​Molo Beverello, but also to the new Town Hall Square which has recently reopened after 22 years of construction.

Indeed, this project is part of a broader program financed by the Institutional Development Agreement "Naples - Historic Center" which provides for the pedestrian extension of Piazza Municipio to the Port area, with a pedestrian walk to Molosiglio and Molo San Vincenzo.

New spaces for fishermen

After having satisfied the requests of the fishermen with the opening of this area, it will also be time to listen to those of the fishermen. The latter, through the voice of Carmine Meloro of the Molo San Vincenzo Committee, hope that the Municipality of Naples will also provide for a area dedicated to fishermen as it was already thought to do with Pietro Spirito, the former president of the Port Authority.

Cover photo source: Wikipedia (author Eric Salard)

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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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