The new Piazza Municipio in Naples: this is how it is free from the construction site after 20 years

New Piazza Municipio in Naples

Finally Piazza Municipio a Napoli has reopened and they are construction sites have been closed which had occupied it for over 20 years.

In reality, it was precisely the construction sites for underground line 6 works, which also acts as an interchange with line 1, which started from Palazzo San Giacomo almost reaching the port, but by now they will no longer disfigure the passage nor hinder pedestrians and tourists who citizens will be able to enjoy the liberated square.

What the new square looks like

Currently, Piazza Municipio it can be covered on foot and in its center there is one long white slit which was obtained from the road, practically from the floor. That way, it will look like some sort of long telescope which faces the Vomero hill dominated by Castel Sant'Elmo, starting from the Port. This slit is also a way to illuminate the rooms below with sunlight.

All around unravels thePedestrian area with the two lanes on the sides for road traffic. Currently, the lane on the left side has already been opened, looking towards the sea, and the one on the right side will soon be opened.

Meanwhile, the Councilor for Mobility, Edoardo Cosenza, stated that by the end of 2022 there will also be the opening of the square on the sea side.

Cleft Town Hall Square
The cleft of Piazza Municipio (Photo source: Repubblica)

The work to be completed

In reality, the underground work continues because it has to be completed the pedestrian connection that from the Port will lead directly to the Maritime Station. They will leave by mid-April after a two-year stop just to create the large pedestrian exit which will also cover theexit from underground lines 1 and 6, without having to cross roads.

The you work on Via Acton and by the end of the year they will come relocated the tram tracks. The trams, however, will begin to circulate later, it will take more time.

The archaeological area

As we know, over the years many discoveries have been made in the subsoil, during the works, which have slowed down its progress. It was always about unique and incredible finds and the most important are certainly the 5 Roman ships almost intact that they were in what was once the ancient Roman Port. These were found in 2003, but in the following years they have been other 3 discovered in good condition. They are about 15 meters long and represent unique specimens as finds of this type are really rare.

All these discoveries, along with many other finds from the Angevin, Aragonese and Viceregal period will allow the creation of a sort of museum, aarchaeological area on the sides of the square which will be open in the near future and will represent another unique tourist attraction in the world.

Rendering Town Hall Square Station
Rendering Piazza Municipio Station (Source: Naples Metro)

Cover photo source: Municipality of Naples

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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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