The Nabilah in Bacoli reopens with cinema on the beach, DJs and aperitifs

Nabilah swimming pool

The Nabilah in Bacoli reopens to the public with an interesting initiative: Sound Projections with cinema on the beach, DJs and aperitifs are scheduled!

After months of closure, the Nabilah in Bacoli starts again in a big way, reopening to the public with an interesting initiative entitled Sound projections.

In fact, the Thursday night, by booking an aperitif or an à la carte dinner you can attend from 21:30 to screenings of beautiful films and then the evening will continue with one special selection of DJ Circlet. 

The next appointment is for Thursday June 25 2020 with an evening entirely dedicated to the director Ozpetek with Mine Vaganti and to follow the musical selection Icons Pop and Nostalgie Canaglie.

A very special event that will allow you to spend an evening of good food and to admire movies under the stars, in one of the most beautiful places in Bacoli.

Sound projections program

June 25 2020 “Mine Vaganti” Night, Pop Icons and Nostalgie Rogues

2 July 2020 "Hitch ”Night, Funky Stories and Hip Hop Heroes

July 9 2020 “Midnight in Paris” Night, Acid Jazz and Thirties Classicons

Information on Sound Projections

When: June 25, July 2 and 9, 2020

Where: Nabilah, Via Spiaggia Romana, 15, 80070 Bacoli - Naples

Timetable: from 21: 30

Price: you don't pay a ticket, you pay for dinner or what you drink

Contacts: Official site | facebook page | +39 3396931169 email:

Photo source: Nabilah Facebook page

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Written by Serena De Luca
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