Il Paradiso delle Signore 8, previews and spoilers from 2 to 5 April

Tancredi and Vittorio The Ladies' Paradise 8

A special week that of The Ladies' Paradise 8 that will leave from Tuesday 2 April 2024. On the day of Easter Monday, Monday 1 AprilIn fact, Paradise will not be broadcast! In the remaining episodes, however, we will see some good ones so, dear fans, let's prepare for heart-pounding appointments. The previews, in fact, speak very clearly. Big news for Maria Puglisi as well as for Adelaide: finally the Countess could, together with Marcello, decide to bury the hatchet. What about the triangle Matilde, Vittorio, Tancredi? We tell you that there will be big news! What will happen? Let's find out!

Marcello makes his decision on the Hofer affair

We left Marcello decided to leave for Germany with the aim of verifying, in person, the "goodness" of the Hofer deal into which he is seriously thinking of jumping. We know well that it is a trap but for Barbieri, returned to Milan, it will be time to choose. He will decide to trust and confess it to Matteo. How will the boy react?

Clara furious with Alfredo in Il Paradiso delle Signore 8

Alfred he really behaved badly: despite Clara's contrary opinion, in fact, he has mounted his new gear on his bike (not approved) shortly before a very important cycling race. Race won but in which, later, it can be disqualified if it became known of this change! The consequence would be dramatic: disqualification from all other races forever!

Maria leaves for Paris, Vito's unexpected choice

Maria she has decided to agree to meet Defois and will be ready, therefore, for leave for Paris. In a completely unexpected way, Vito will decide to go with her. But be careful: Vito himself will have a nasty surprise: Maria won't want to hear about him anymore! What happens?

Surprised in Il Paradiso delle Signore 8, Tancredi wants Matilde back

Tancredi he never gave up on his wife. For this reason we will see him as busy as ever in trying to win back Matilde. He will urge an ad hoc plan to at least hope to succeed. What will he do?

Flora jealous of Adelaide, once again!

Since Adelaide returned to Milan, Umberto's attitudes have started to go downhill Flora. The girl, in fact, will notice how her boyfriend tries at every moment and with every pretext to discredit Marcello in the eyes of the Countess. For Ravasi there will come again jealousy: that Umberto hasn't forgotten her yet?

Marta and Vittorio still married in Il Paradiso delle Signore 8

Although they have decided not to reveal anything about the bureaucratic obstacles that made it impossible to annul their marriage, however Marta and Vittorio it will be impossible not to appear close-knit while, closer and closer, they will try to resolve the situation. Don Saverio, however, will try to play the reconciliation card.. Will he succeed? And what will Matilde think? One thing is certain: things will seem to take a strange turn and the only one to benefit from it could be Tancredi himself!

Maria and Matteo meet

Just before the departure of Maria for Paris, the young will meet Matteo. Someone, however, will spy on them and promptly report to Umberto. He, in turn, will be a topic of conversation between Adelaide and Marcello who, among other things, could soon find peace between them. Matthew, meanwhile, will join Puglisi in France intending to conquer it definitively.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Instagram @ilparadisodellignore8
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