The meaning of all the numbers of the Neapolitan Smorfia from 51 to 90

Neapolitan bingo numbers

Getting out of the technology of online betting and virtual casino sites to enter the world of the Neapolitan Smorfia is certainly a good exercise for those who love recreational disciplines and also want to deepen the cultural tradition of the Gulf.

In the Neapolitan symbolism each number corresponds to a situation, thehistory of the Lotto it is particularly fascinating and although it is not a Neapolitan invention, they are the people who brought this game to success and made it famous all over the world thanks to the Smorfia.

In this second part of the 2 articles dedicated to the meaning of all the numbers of the Neapolitan Smorfia, we will analyze the numbers from 51 to 90.

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Numbers from 51 to 60

Number 51 is the garden and 52 is the mother. The number 53 corresponds to the old, it is played when there are elderly people in the dreams, the 54 is the hat, the 55 the music, the 56 the fall, the 57 the hunchback. The number 58 is' o paccotto, that is the package, the cheat, this number is particularly dedicated to cheaters who sell something that does not turn out to be good or poor, a situation that often happens in dreams. 59 is the number that corresponds to the hairs and 60 corresponds to the lament in general.

Numbers from 61 to 90

The number 61 corresponds to the hunter, 62 to the slain dead and 63 symbolizes the bride. 64 is the tailcoat (the tailcoat), 65 the crying and 66 the two spinsters. 67 is the squid in the guitar, 68 is the cooked soup and 69 indicates upside down. The number 70 is the building, the 71 is the om 'e mmerd and the 72 is the wonder, the amazement. Number 73 corresponds to the hospital, 74 to the cave and 75 to Pulcinella. 76 corresponds to the fountain and 77 to the devils, 78 is the beautiful daughter, a beautiful girl, 79 is the thief ('or rogue) and 80 is the mouth. The number 81 corresponds to the flowers and 82 to the set table. 83 is interpreted with bad weather, 84 is the church, 85 the souls in purgatory, 86 the shop and 87 the lice. 88 corresponds to caciocavalli, 89 to old (the old woman) and 90 to fear.

Interpret the numbers and play them in Lotto or Superenalotto

To interpret dreams there are many online sites and books, but in general it is very easy to understand the numbers to play.

For example, if you dream of being cheated by a man you cannot trust while he is accompanied by a beautiful girl, the numbers to play will be 58, 71 and 78, which correspond to 'o paccotto, all'omm' and mmerd e to the beautiful daughter.

If you dream of devils stealing in the church, the numbers will be 77, 79 and 84. The Neapolitan Smorfia is not simple dreams interpretation but a real lifestyle, in every corner of the city it is possible to perceive this centuries-old cultural tradition, which never ceases to fascinate tourists and Neapolitans themselves.

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