The meaning of the numbers of the Neapolitan Smorfia from 1 to 50

Neapolitan tombola ancient numbers
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From poker to roulette the most famous games in the world have entered the cultural scenario of the ludic tradition, the Neapolitan Smorfia is no exception, representing the interpretation of dreams inherent to the numbers to be played in the Lotto.

Depending on the kind of dream, of the figures, symbols and characters that populate the dream dimension, it is possible to interpret a series of numbers and combine them for both, three, four or five.

Here are the meanings of the numbers from 1 to 50 in the Neapolitan Smorfia.

Numbers from 1 to 30

It starts with:

  1. Italy which corresponds to number 1,
  2. follows' A piccerella (the Girl) which is number 2,
  3. the cat is number 3 and the pig,
  4. 'o puorco, is number 4.
  5. The number 5 corresponds to the hand,
  6. the number 6 enters the sexual dynamics and is known as Chella ca stare 'nterra, that is the female sexual organ.
  7. The 7 corresponds to the clay vase,
  8. 8 to the Madonna,
  9. 9 to the offspring and
  10. 10 to beans.
  11. Number 11 is played when mice are dreaming,
  12. 12 is the soldier
  13. and the 13th is Sant'Antonio.
  14. 14 corresponds to the drunk,
  15. on the 15th to the boy e
  16. 16 is' ​​o culo, the butt.
  17. The 17th is bad luck, bad luck,
  18. 18 is blood and
  19. 19 is laughter.
  20. 20 is the Festa e
  21. 21 is' a femmena annura, the naked woman,
  22. 22 is the madman and
  23. 23 is the idiot.
  24. The number 24 corresponds to the guards,
  25. 25 to Christmas and
  26. on the 26th to little Anna.
  27. The 27th is the pot,
  28. 28 corresponds to 'e zizze (the breast),
  29. 29 to the father of the children (the male sexual organ) e
  30. 30 to the lieutenant's balls.

Numbers from 30 to 50

  1. The number 31 corresponds to the landlord,
  2. 32 to the capitone e
  3. 33 to the years of Jesus Christ.
  4. 34 corresponds to the head,
  5. 35 to the little bird and
  6. 36 to the castanets, while
  7. 37 is identified with the monk e
  8. 38 with the blows, that is the barrel.
  9. 39 is the noose around the neck,
  10. 40 is boredom,
  11. 41 is the knife and
  12. 42 is coffee, while
  13. 43 symbolizes the woman on the balcony.
  14. The number 44 corresponds to the prison,
  15. 45 to good wine,
  16. 46 to money.
  17. Number 47 is the dead man, while
  18. 48 is the dead speaking.
  19. 49 is the flesh,
  20. 50 is bread.

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Examples of Dream Interpretations in the Grimace

The types of interpretation are different and all related to the situations you are occur in a dream, to have a clear picture it is essential to try even more combinations and always keep the details in mind when translating from symbols to numbers. Dreaming of a boy laughing on holidays corresponds to the numbers 15, 19 and 20, if there is a woman with her breasts out, the number 28 must be added, if the laughing boy is crazy, then the number 22 will also correspond to the interpretation corrected according to the mystical mathematics of the Grimace.

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