Natangelo presents the new book Cenere in Naples on April 23rd

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The next 23th April in Naples, we will meet together at Mario Natangelo in an appointment not to be missed at the Sala Assoli of the Iocisto library. In this special evening, Natangelo will guide us through the pages of his new book "Ash“, a work that combines pain and satire in a deeply human and surprisingly funny mix.

The book Ashes, mourning and comedy

"Ash" it is not just a book, but an emotional and intellectual journey that Natangelo he decided to share with his audience. After the loss of the mother, the cartoonist transformed his pain into art, using his sharpest weapon: the irony.

Natangelo's work unfolds through a series of cartoons e boards which tell of his daily life overturned, not only by personal tragedy but also by a bizarre mix of work events. With a balance between comedy e tragedy, Natangelo manages to explore the theme of mourning in a unique way, showing how, sometimes, laughter can be a real panacea for the soul.

Every time I drew a satirical cartoon about some misfortune in which deaths occurred, the idiot always came to shout indignantly: 'what if one of your family members had died? Would you have made a cartoon about it?'. Well, now I can answer this question and the answer is this book.

Mario Natangelo

Who is Natangelo the cartoonist

Mario Natangelo was born in Napoli in December 1985. His career as satirical cartoonist started in 2007 with Unità, but has become a familiar face thanks to his daily collaborations with Without the Newspaper since its first issue in September 2009.

In addition to this, he has worked with highly prestigious magazines such as Linus e Forgetful, cementing its reputation as one of the more caustic satirical cartoonists of the Italian panorama. He has received the prestigious award twice Forte dei Marmi International Political Satire Award, a recognition that testifies to his acumen and his ability to address current issues with a unique and provocative slant. He currently lives in Roma and continues to explore new artistic horizons, as demonstrated with his latest webcomic “Latest from Earth".

The presentation of the Cenere Book

The presentation event of “Ash” will be held in Sala Assoli of the library I'm in a Napoli, April 23 at 18pm. The evening will offer the opportunity to hear directly from Natangelo the motivations and inspirations behind the creation of this work that is as personal as it is universal.

Ardone, a renowned and esteemed author, will accompany Natangelo in an open and thoughtful dialogue where we will discover the background of the book and be able to interact with the author, asking questions and delving deeper into the topics covered.

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