Isola dei Famosi 2023, who are the official finalists

Pamela and Luca from Isola dei Famosi, the first two finalists.

The bet ofl 16 June 2023 ofIsland of the Famous it has come to an end and the castaways have practically halved. The time has come to face it final week which, in fact, will lead to the last episode (Monday 19 June) where the winner of this edition.

Ma who are the finalists? In the first position we find pamela, who had already conquered the place during the challenge, other castaways grabbed the place of finalist through some challenges launched by Alvin.

Pamela Camasa, finalist of the Isola dei Famosi

pamela ha won both the castaways and the audience from home. She has been multiple times leader and in the last episode she managed to get the coveted first place in the final of the Isola dei Famosi. The woman has repeatedly spoken about her partner Philip Bisciglia left for a few days for Temptation Island and has never hidden his total intolerance towards Helena.

Will she take home the victory? Vladimir Luxuria rooting for her.

Luca Vetrone, finalist of the Isola dei Famosi

Luca Vetrone is the only non-famous competitor (the so-called NIP), but over time he managed to get a prominent place on the Isola dei Famosi. He has repeatedly demonstrated that he is an honest, transparent and collaborative person. After the first clashes with Andrew Lo Cicero, who proved to be a bit too tough a dad, the boy has a close relationship with everyone, except with Helena. He also faced the challenge of cutting his beloved hair.

It has won its place as second finalist through the challenge of Honduran snake, or to slide the ball on the sand without touching it with the hands that were tied.

Luca from the Island of the Famous

Marco Mazzoli, finalist of the Isola dei Famosi

Third finalist we find Marco Mazzoli who through another challenge manages to conquer the third place from finalist. We recall that Marco joined his historic friend and colleague, Paolo noise who then had to leave the game due to health problems. Left alone, Marco was first discouraged and then decided to go all the way to the end. THE bookmakers, in fact, they bet everything on him for the victory.

Andrew Lo Cicero, finalist of the Isola dei Famosi

Definitely one of more complex castaways of this edition of the Isola dei Famosi 2023. Equipped with multiple facets, it manages to reach the long-awaited place as a finalist. He had particular problems with Helena and Nathaly with whom he argued very hard. He has close ties with Marco Mazzoli in the last weeks.

Cristina, finalist of the Isola dei Famosi 2023

After the flash televoting, the public decided to save Cristina in the flash televoting between her, Gian Maria and Alessandra. Former nun who has tried to overcome multiple obstacles e fears that have always plagued his life. Above all, she has stated several times that this experience has completely changed her life.

Alessandra Drusian, finalist Isola dei Famosi 2023

Paired with Fabio, her life and work partner in the world of music, Alessandra took a while to get its true out personality. Strong and determined, she too often clashed with the now famous Helena. In the episode of 16 June 2023 she was saved during the flash televoting and it was over on the last resort (the contestants are unaware of his stay in the game).

How to vote from home

vote the Isola dei Famosi 2023 program offers various methods:

  1. Viaand the Mediaset Infinity application, available for free on the Google Play Store and App Store. Each user can cast a specific number of votes based on the duration of the televote.
  2. Through the Official portal of the reality show,, where viewers can express their preferences.
  3. using Smart TV or compatible decoder, which require the creation of an account on Mediaset Infinity and being of age.
  4. Finally, you can vote via SMSby sending a message to 477.000.2 with the name or code of the chosen competitor.

Find out more on how to vote via the dedicated article “How to vote for the castaways of the Island of the Famous 2023".

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: all photos are the property of Mediaset Infinity
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