The best artisan dove in Naples 2024: here's where to find it

the dove of mennella
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The dove, the Easter cake par excellence, it is a real tradition in Italy and Naples is no exception.

With its soft leavened dough, enriched with candied fruit and icing sugar, the dove it is a symbol of peace and rebirth.
In Naples, numerous bakeries and pastry shops compete every year to offer the most delicious and artisanal dove.

Here is a selection of the best artisan doves in Naples of 2024.


Colotti pastry shop

Not very well known, the headquarters of Pasticceria Colotti is in Arenella in Via Giuseppe Orsi. A small business a few steps from Piazza Medaglie d'oro, but highly rewarded on TripAdvisor by users with 90% of 5-star votes.

  • PRO: Well equipped despite being a small business
  • AGAINST: Slightly above average prices


Phone: +081 556 7366
Address: Via Giuseppe Orsi 26/28, Naples (Arenella)
Social : Facebook, TripAdvisor

Vanily Pastry Shop Cafe

Perhaps for some it is less known than for others "big names” of the Neapolitan pastry shop, this pastry shop of Gricignano d'Aversa it has nothing to envy to anyone, indeed surpasses and outclasses many others.

The pastry chef is Luigi Conte who in 2022 was awarded the first prize for the "Best Innovative Colombra” at the Tirreno Fair organized by the International Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate.
A prize of the highest value!

  • PRO: They also won the best panettone award in 2019 and 2020, the quality is unquestionable
  • AGAINST: Gricignano d'Aversa is in the province of Caserta, about 40 minutes from Naples. Not just around the corner.


Website with online sales
Phone+081 014 8221
Address: Via Larga 30, Gricignano di Aversa
Social FacebookInstagram


Mennella's is a name and a guarantee, one of the most renowned Neapolitan pastry shops in Italy.
Founded in 1969, it is today one of the most important traditional Neapolitan pastry shops.

It has offices in:

  • Greek's tower
  • arcade
  • Napoli
  • PRO: Mennella has made its milk-based products a trademark
  • AGAINST: Being a well-known brand with many offices, there may be a little perception of a somewhat commercial status


Website with online sales
Phone: 081 27 82 800
Address: Via Giosuè Carducci 50/52, Naples
Social : Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor

Santaniello pastry shop in Nola

Colomba from Santaniello pastry shop in Nola

If the name is familiar to you, perhaps it is because you have read our selection of the best pastieres in which Pasticceria Santaniello stands out.
Founded in 2008, it immediately stood out as one of the excellences of Campania pastry, also winning the first prize in 2022 for the best pastiera.

  • PRO: high quality products with excellent ingredients
  • AGAINST: it is positioned on a higher economic range than the average


Website with online sales
Phone+081 512 1342
Address: Piazza Marconi 12c, Nola, Italy
Social FacebookInstagramTripAdvisor

Gentle Pastry

Don't be fooled by the name, with Pastificio Gentile the level rises considerably. Quoted by Gambero Rosso during the blind tasting of the best doves classic with these words:

Overall it is an elegant leavened product, very soft, fragrant, with an excellent structure, a round, citrusy and harmonious taste. It comes close to perfection

Red shrimp
  • PRO: A historic company with a guarantee of high quality
  • AGAINST: The online orders of the doves ended already at the end of March


Website with online sales
Phone: 081 801 34 17
Address: Via del Presepe 18, Gragnano
Social : Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor

Capparelli pastry shop

It is a historic pastry shop in the center of Naples, located right in via dei tribunali.
On TripAdvisor it is at 15 th among the best pastry shops and ice cream parlors in Naples, an absolutely respectable place considering that there are more than 200 pastry shops and ice cream shops in the city and that among the pastry shops alone it is positioned even higher.

  • PRO: Desserts are highly rated in reviews in all their forms
  • AGAINST: Many complain of somewhat grumpy staff


Phone: 081 45 43 10
Address: Via dei Tribunali 327, Naples
Social : Facebook, TripAdvisor

Amunì – Sicilian flavors

This pastry shop, which is based in Frattamaggiore, stands out from the others because it deals exclusively with Sicilian products with Sicilian recipes. It is based in Frattamaggiore.

PRO: it differs from the others precisely because of the Sicilian location of the products
AGAINST: Frattamaggiore is a bit awkward to reach


Phone: 081 1991 21 82
Address: Piazza Riscatto 31, Frattamaggiore
Social : Facebook, TripAdvisor

Chocholate Naples

In this case it is not a traditional or gourmet pastry shop, but a pastry shop that makes products with a very strong eye on the little ones.

During 2022 they stood out for one of the best-selling doves on the Neapolitan panorama.

  • PRO: Kids will definitely like it a lot
  • AGAINST: Qualitatively it is not positioned like other pastry shops


Phone: +366 869 0293
Address: Via Ripuaria 255, Naples
Social : Facebook, Instagram

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