Flat croissant, what it is, how to make it and where to eat it in Naples

flat croissant
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Il Flat croissant it is a novelty in the pastry scene that is gaining a lot of visibility via social media and causing much controversy, between those who are for innovation and those who are against it, even calling it "heresy". A completely flattened version of the traditional croissant, among those who find it an intriguing innovation and those who consider it a culinary "sacrilege"..

In Naples, a city known for its rich gastronomic tradition, the Cornetto Flat is starting to make its appearance, albeit amidst some general perplexity. Let's see where you can taste the Cornetto Flat in Naples, so you can let us know what you think!

What is Cornetto Flat

Il Flat croissant it stands out from the classic croissant for its unusually flat shape. Unlike the traditional croissant which is leavened and soft, this new version is pressed, resulting in a firmer consistency and a decidedly different drinking experience. The "flat croissants" come from the East, in particular from Korea where the idea was born and is now spreading throughout the world, there are also those who crushed the cubic croissants!

Its creation is simple, or rather it differs little from a traditional croissant given that in fact it is. To make the flat croissant it is sufficient to make a very normal croissant, let it rise and then… press it during cooking with a weight on top. At this point the croissant is partly dipped in chocolate or cream and then covered with chopped hazelnuts, sprinkles, pieces of fruit and more.

Some users on social networks they expressed disappointment and surprise, with comments ranging from “it should be illegal" to "horrible and I don't understand why" to the "I tried it and it is actually good, different from the classic croissant“. Despite the criticism, curiosity seems to prevail, with many eager to try this new interpretation of the croissant to evaluate its flavor and texture.

Where to find the Cornetto Flat in Naples

In Naples, the Flat croissant It can currently only be found in two locations, both known for their quality and innovation in the field of pastry making:

  • Bed and Croissant: Located in Via Alessandro Manzoni, 28, this place offers a variety of traditional and innovative desserts. The Cornetto Flat is one of the latest additions, attractive for those looking for a different experience for their breakfast.
  • HANDS puff pastry and babà: This shop, located in C.so Umberto I, 245, is famous for its farfalle and babà. The introduction of the Cornetto Flat to their menu represents an interesting contrast between the new and the traditional, giving customers yet another reason to visit.
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