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Naples has always welcomed thousands of tourists every year they choose that land to spend their holidays.

This is because the sea and the beaches of Naples are considered by many as the most beautiful in Italy and it is precisely its waters and the Gulf that make this city a magical place, a place of emotions, beauty and suggestions. Among the many beaches you can select some that prevail over the others in terms of care, cleanliness, organization and beauty.

If you love swimming, instead here you will find a selection of the best swimming pools in Naples and the province.

How to book free beaches

We remind you that from 2016 access to free beaches must be booked in advance to avoid crowds and public order problems.

Booking is possible via the site and that the reservation is valid for the following day. They are available on the site 

  • Donn'Anna beach
    • 25 accesses from Bagno Elena
    • 25 accesses from Bagno Ideal
  • Monache beach (450 accesses from Bagno Sirena) open from 25 April

The reservation is valid only if access is made at the booked time. If you do not show up on time, the reservation will be canceled due to "no show" and assigned to someone else. Therefore access without reservation is possible but only if someone booked did not show up on time.

The use of the services of the entrance beaches is free, you can find all the other information on how to book a place on the beach in our dedicated piece.

La Gaiola Beach

This it is one of the most beautiful Neapolitan beaches as well as that which is less affected by urban influence and contamination.

The beach, located inside the park of the same name, allows you to resurface the ancient Greek and Roman culture. More precisely, it is a marine area located in the coastal stretch of Posillipo where, for those who wish, there is the possibility of practicing underwater activities and organized kayak tours.

Guided tours at the Gaiola

For all those who prefer different activities, it is possible to follow guided tours of the park that is submerged under the water and this is made possible thanks to the use of a boat with a transparent bottom that allows you to admire the seabed in the whole its beauty and in all its magnificence.

The Gaiola beach

The beach occupies a space between the scercione of Marechiaro up to the Bay of Trentaremi which is located under the park. The beach is considered by many to be one of the most fascinating places in Naples also because in its waters it is possible to find a very rich flora and fauna both protected (both fishing and motor navigation are forbidden in this section precisely for the purpose of safeguarding these beauties).

Bathing at the Gaiola

As far as bathing is concerned, this is allowed in the area defined as zone B but only for a limited number of people and only within certain well-defined time slots.

In particular, the possibility of swimming in these waters is allowed to a maximum of 100 people at a time during a time ranging from 10:00 to 16:00. As far as the so-called zone A is concerned, this is considered a natural reserve and as such bathing is absolutely prohibited. Area B is an arched beach where, while diving and swimming, it is possible to admire the beauty of the Gulf of Naples. Area B, however, as already mentioned, is the actual protected area, it can be reached by climbing some steps and the protected marine area extends over a rocky surface.

From here it is possible to admire the purity and transparency of the waters and to observe the two homonymous islands that are joined by a graceful bridge.

The Marechiaro Scaccoon

Picture of Marescuro

The scoglione is nothing but a huge rock that is more wide than the homonymous beach.

Although it is not excessively far from land, it can only be reached through the use of a boat. Precisely the fact of being far from the chaos and confusion of the beach guarantees the clarity of the water.

How to reach the Scoglio di Marechiaro

The boat that offers this kind of service is built entirely of wood and transports tourists since the 60 years. The journey has a cost of around 5 or 10 euros (depending on the period) and allows bathers to reach the Marechiaro rock where it is allowed to plant umbrellas, chairs, deckchairs and have packed lunches.

Obviously arriving early in the morning will have the advantage of being able to put you closer to the sea to be able to admire even better the beauty of these unique waters in Italy.

Information on the scecione of Marechiaro

· Entrance: free + 5 or 10 euros for boat transport depending on the period
· Where: near Posillipo
· Address: Calata Ponticello

Bagno Elena beach

Lido Bagno Elena in Naples
Photo Silviaarge

This beach is located in a strip of volcanic origin and still today welcomes a large quantity of both Italian and foreign tourists who choose this area to spend their days at the seaside and to be in total relaxation under the rays of the sun.

Il Bagno Elena is a raised pier and supported by wooden stilts where there is a private solarium. The beach was created to accommodate families with children and is organized to offer two different refreshment points, the beach bar and the deck bar.

The lido was also frequented by artists such as Eduardo De Filippo, Domenico Rea and Totò, and was the landing place of foreign intellectuals such as Oscar Wilde, Richard Wagner and Massimo Gorki.

The structure organizes daily fitness and water aerobics activities as well as campus during the summer period. There is an entrance fee to this beach!

Information on the beach of Bagno Elena

· Entrance: included between 15 euros and 20 euros
· Location: Posillipo
· With: Posillipo 14
· Web

Green rocks

beach of green rocks in Naples
Picture of Bay of green rocks

Rocce Verdi is one of the most representative bays of Naples. This is accepted inside Villa Fattorusso and from here it is possible to admire all the beauty of the Gulf of Naples, the island of Capri and the entire Sorrento peninsula. The peculiarity of this beach is that not only is there a rocky area, but it is also possible to find it two pools containing sea water.

Beside the pools, a terrace hosts a restaurant area with a bar and buffet. Also in the surrounding area, namely in the Posillipo area, there is also Riva Fiorita, a small beach that can be reached only by boat or by walking along a stretch with a rather steep descent.

In the background it is possible to admire the Villa Volpicelli, a large red castle that houses not only an important fish restaurant in Naples, Giuseppone a Mare, but also welcomes the famous soap opera entitled A Place in the Sun.

Information on the Rocce Verdi beach:

  • Entrance: from 20 to 25 euro
  • Location: via Posillipo 68
  • WhatsApp for reservations: 389 469 7088

Castle of Baia beach

Castle of Baia
Photo by Salvatore Fabozzi

The castle of Baia offers beautiful architecture and a wonderful landscape and for this reason it has always been an archaeological destination. The castle is located on a promontory and during the Aragonese it was chosen as a port; today it is an important museum which brings together different eras up to the years of the Roman Empire.

How to reach the beach of Baia

Through a ferry made available, in about two minutes it is possible to reach the beach. This has the advantage of guaranteeing relaxation and rest precisely because it is far from the crowded places of Miseno and Miliscola that welcome hundreds of bathers especially during the weekend.

The establishment can therefore, as already mentioned, reach only by ferry with a cost around 5 euros and the ticket is valid for the whole day.

The beaches of the Castello di Baia

Once the route has been completed and reached the shore, it is possible to choose between three beaches where to take umbrellas and sunbeds. The area has expanded significantly in recent years and has also improved its organization since today offers bar and restaurant as places to eat, as well showers and changing rooms.

The area is mostly frequented by families with small children and in the evening it hosts different events with 70 music and with the possibility of organizing private events.

Information on the beach of Castello di Baia

· Entrance: free + sunbed, umbrella, boat trip
· With: via Castello 39
· Tel: 3332629253
· Web

Beaches of Miseno and Miliscola

The beach of Miseno

The beach of Miseno, offers a beauty and a charm that attracts hundreds of tourists. The clean sea, the shallow water and the sandy beach make this an area suitable for families even with small children.

For all those who also have the possibility of moving away from the beach with boats, dinghies, canoes, they will be fascinated by some areas that are accessible only by sea. The coastline is very long and hosts a series of well-equipped and well-organised beaches with services such as showers, changing rooms, bars and restaurants.

In the evening the area is transformed in real open-air discos with parties, music and dances. Among the most famous and most popular beaches we find the National beach with a beach of fine sand and special stalls selling high quality sandwiches.

Miliscola beach

The Miliscola beach, on the other hand, is located about two kilometers away from the town of Bacoli and from here it is possible to admire the beauties of Procida, Ischia and the Gulf.

The sandy beach overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea and has Miseno Lake behind it. Here, too, the organization is not far behind with refreshment facilities such as bar and restaurant, showers and changing rooms. Here one of the most crowded beaches is the Virgilio Lido, a historic beach where you can choose to take the bed together with the deckchair and the umbrella.

We remind you that to get to these beaches from Naples there is the special Naples-Miseno summer shuttle which starts from Vomero and, passing through Fuorigrotta, arrives in Miseno. But it's not always active!

Beach of cracker

Photo by Antonio Fasciolo

Also in the area of ​​Bacoli exists a small beach formed mainly by rocks where the sea is clear and transparent, and where to swim is a real pleasure!

Not everyone knows it and they prefer to reach the beaches of Miseno and Miliscola. To access it you have to arrive at the entrance of Villa Mirabilis, behind Piscina Mirabilis, in via Pennata, and go down some steps. You will be enchanted by this place where, according to legend, Ulysses also found refreshment. Opposite this small beach is the small island of Punta Pennata.

More details and history of the place in the dedicated sheet.


  • Where: Bacoli
  • Address: Via Punta Pennata, Bacoli (NA)

How to get to the beach cracker

The best beaches of Ischia, Capri and Procida

small marina beach in Capri

Sant'Angelo beach in Ischia

The village of Sant'Angelo is defined by many as an island inside another isolin (Ischia) and its beauty and its charm also derive from the typical atmosphere of a fishing village. Here the sand is thin and the sea is clear and clean.

· With: Sant'Angelo 800070

Marina Piccola beach in Capri

Marina Piccola is without a doubt the most famous and most beautiful beach of Capri. Here it is possible to see the Scoglio delle Sirene which according to legend was the place where the sirens described by Homer in his poem the Odyssey were located.

Lo Scoglio divides the beach in Marina di Mulo and Marina di Pennauro.

Pozzo Vecchio beach in Procida

Spiaggia del Pozzo Vecchio is one of the most beautiful but also the quietest of Procida. Here the crystal-clear sea, the dark-colored sand due to its volcanic origin and the typical natural context make it unique in its kind.

In this place one of the most famous scenes in the film was the Postino, among whose actors we find Massimo Troisi.

· With: Cesare Battisti

Blue Flags in Campania

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