App to book free beaches in Naples, here's how to do it

Beach of the Nuns in Posillipo

Finally it was activated the app to book the free beaches in Naples for this summer and it's called Lidoo. We remember that the free beaches of the Posillipo coast have become a limited number.

For booking you can easily use the app from the website e book for the day and time slot of your own interest.

Specifically, we talk about the following free beaches:

  • Monache beach at Lido Sirena, which opens from April 25th;
  • free beach between Palazzo Donn'Anna and Bagno Elena.

Access without reservation

From May 2024 it is possible to access the beaches without reservation, but only if someone booked has not shown up. The aim is to fill the beaches, given that access was often denied to people who had not booked despite there being free places, given that some booked people had not shown up.

From May 2024, anyone who does not respect the booking time will no longer be able to access and their place will be given to those who show up despite not having a reservation.

We are studying an application that will ensure that available places are never empty, as happened last year. Access will be released live: if the person who has booked doesn't show up, the place will be freed up and you can also register in real time. The software will be ready in the next few weeks

Edoardo Cosenza, April 2024

How to book the free beach via the app

Here's how to book your access using the site in the following beaches:

  • Spiaggia delle Monache, located between Palazzo Donn'Anna and Bagno Sirena: a single time slot is indicated, from 8 to 30 and a maximum of 17 people can enter but only from 30 April onwards. You can book in section dedicated to the Beach of the Nuns and check in real time the available capacity for the chosen date;
  • Free beach between Palazzo Donn'Anna and Bagno Ideal: here too there is a time slot from 8 to 30. The maximum number of people is 17. Of these 30 accesses are guaranteed through the Ideal bathroom and 25 accesses via Bagno Elena. You can use the page dedicated to the Ideal Bathroom to book the latter, otherwise the page dedicated to Bagno Elena.

We point out that access is reserved for adults, While minors must be accompanied by an adult. Staff may check documents for age.

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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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