In Naples, limited number of free beaches: limited access to the beaches of Posillipo

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The Councilor for the Environment and the Sea, Paul Mancuso, proposed a resolution which was then approved by the Municipal Council of Naples concerning the "open and safe management of public beaches during the 2022 bathing season in the city".

With this resolution the limited number for some free beaches and also the expansion of possible accesses to public beaches. But let's see specifically.

What the resolution establishes for the beaches

With the resolution approved by the Municipality of Naples it is established the expansion of possible accesses to public beaches, with the numerical tracking of bathers who access the two stretches of public beach between Palazzo Donn'Anna and at the following shores:

  • Sirena bathroom with al maximum 400 people
  • Ideal bathroom with al maximum 12 people
  • Elena bathroom with 12 Guests

Therefore, all the owners of the beaches, from 08:00 to 18:00 will have care to numerically control the access to the beaches and assistance to swimmers for rescue at sea, there will also be inspections by councilors Francesco Borrelli and Gianni Caselli.

In short, a decision that aims to guarantee the safety of bathers by avoiding episodes of overcrowding and violence, such as those that have been recorded in recent weeks.

Image source: Il Riformista

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