The best Neapolitan pastiera of 2023: here's where to find it

pastiera from the santaniello pastry shop

The Neapolitan pastiera is one of the most famous desserts and traditional Campania cuisine.
Its preparation requires a great mastery and attention to detail, as each ingredient must be carefully selected and its cooking requires an experience and a technique that only the best pastry chefs can boast.

In this article, we will take you to discover the best Neapolitan pastieras in Campania through a list of pastry shops and restaurants that have been able to distinguish themselves on the basis of user reactions and the prizes won.

Santaniello pastry shop in Nola

If someone has an itch as if they were experiencing dejavu, the reason is simple: this renowned pastry shop in 2022 it placed first in the competition among the best Neapolitan pastiere with the first prize "Queen Pastry".

The Santaniello pastry shop born in the 2009 but don't misunderstand, it is positioned on very high levels, equating itself to the most renowned historical Neapolitan pastry shops.

  • PRO: high quality products with excellent ingredients
  • AGAINST: it is positioned on a higher economic range than the average


Website with online sales
Phone: +081 512 1342
Address: Piazza Marconi 12c, Nola, Italy
Social : Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor


It's true, it looks like "easy to win” calling Scaturchio into the field, given that the name Scaturchio has always been synonymous with good pastry.
But it will surprise you to know that in this selection some big names have been discarded.

But not Scaturchio, why? Why their pastiera deserves to be in this ranking.

  • PRO: the strength and experience of a more than ten-year Neapolitan pastry tradition
  • AGAINST: a lot of users means a lot of production and less attention to detail


Website with online sales
Phone: +081 551 6944
Address: Piazza San Domenico Maggiore 19, 80134, Naples Italy
Social : Facebook, Instag, TripAdvisor

Ippolito pastry shop

A little temple of taste in the province of Naples, this pastry shop is located in Marano di Napoli, a few steps from the famous cemetery. The quality of the products is very high, it is particularly noted for the very good ones Roman tiramisu, a promise of goodness that is also respected with pastiera.

  • PRO: modern patisserie, excellent products and cutting-edge techniques
  • AGAINST: if you park in the cemetery car park, a few steps away, you will find very insistent abusive parking attendants


Phone: +334 774 9969
Address: Via Domenico Mallardo 31, 80016 Marano di Napoli
Social : Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor

Neapolitan pastiera

Photo source: TripAdvisor “The Neapolitan pastiera”

A name a guarantee that of this pastry shop, dedicated precisely to the dessert in question, a real guarantee contract: if it is not good, they have definitely got the wrong name.

And luckily the contract was kept, the pastiera of "La Pastiera Napoletana" it is absolutely a delight.

Its aluminum containers are historic, even if a little expensive.

  • PRO: average prices but without sacrificing quality
  • AGAINST: small shop, a bit obsolete in presentation


Phone: +081 790 1515
Address: Via Benedetto Croce 50, 80134, Naples Italy
Social : TripAdvisor


Speech similar to what was said for Scaturchio, Poppella is an authority on Neapolitan pastry but you can't find it in this ranking because it's called Poppella, there's why their pastiera is, objectively speaking, really good.

In recent years it has come into vogue for the creation and design of Snowflakes, a simple but innovative dessert that has already entered the Neapolitan tradition, but the preparation of more traditional desserts such as pastiera is not left to chance.

  • PRO: products of excellence from every point of view
  • AGAINST: lots and lots of lines to do and long waits


Phone: 081 455309
Address: Via Santa Brigida 69/70 Corner of Via Sanità, 80132, Naples Italy
Social : Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor

Romolo pastry shop in Salerno

Perhaps one of the least known of those mentioned, but don't misunderstand: Pasticceria Romolo is a consolidated reality since 1967.

Their pastiera on tripadvisor is the most mentioned and best voted of the entire panorama of Campania, a truly remarkable result from below!
Isn't that enough for you? In 2022 they won the Arcimboldo d'oro prize for pastry and they are positioned at 4th place for the best sfogliatella in Italy.

  • PRO: very high quality pastiera
  • AGAINST: Salerno is a bit difficult to reach if you are not from the area, but luckily they are close to the station


Phone: 089 232613
Address: Corso Garibaldi 33/13, 84123 Salerno Italy
Social : Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor

Mignone pastry

A well-known and renowned pastry shop in the central area of ​​Piazza Cavour, according to many a more than worthy representative of the Neapolitan pastry tradition.

  • PRO: good quality and very affordable prices
  • AGAINST: Various reviews complain staff a bit “hard"


Phone: 081 293074
Address: Piazza Cavour 145, 80137, Naples Italy
Social : Facebook, TripAdvisor


Based in the historic center of Naples, in Via Toledo, Pintauro is another authority on traditional Neapolitan pastry. Most famous for his puffs, Pintauro has also proved to be excellent in pastiere with over 70 mentions on TripAdvisor right on this dessert.

  • PRO: very high quality, then pairing it with a freshly baked puff pastry becomes a must
  • AGAINST: You may find a lot of crowds at some times and there can be moments of confusion


Phone: +348 778 1645
Address: Via Toledo, 275, Naples Italy
Social : TripAdvisor

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
Image source: Instagram Santaniello pastry shop
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