The best Neapolitan Casatiello, here's where to buy it in Naples

slice of Neapolitan casatiello with other products from Campania

Easter celebrations a Napoli are characterized by the presence of two culinary specialties: the casatiello and his "relative" tortano. Both are hearty and rich rustic pies, with a particular difference in the arrangement of the eggs.

History and characteristics of Casatiello

Il Casatiello is a typical dish of Easter of the Southern Italy, with roots dating back to Greek Naples. Initially prepared during the spring holidays in honor of Demeter or Ceres, has become a symbol of Christian Easter, representing Christ's crown of thorns.

La crafts ring of Casatiello symbolizes the cyclicality of resurrection Easter, while the strips of bread on the surface represent the cross of Jesus. Since the 70s it has become an inevitable element in Easter Monday picnics, accompanying trips out of town and packed lunches.

According to tradition the Holy thursday, Neapolitan women they gathered to prepare Casatiello, sometimes selling the excess product directly from their homes. This practice offered financial support to families until the 50s.

Il name "Casatiello" comes from the Latin "caseus” (cheese) due to the large quantity present in the preparation. It is important to distinguish Casatiello from the “tortano“, similar in preparation but with two substantial differences: the use of lard instead of suet and the absence of eggs as a decoration.

The Best 5 Places to buy an authentic Neapolitan Casatiello

If you don't have the possibility to prepare casatiello at home, here is a list of 5 locations in Naples where you can buy a casatiello by following the original recipe.


rescigno it is an ancient bakery specialized in the production of bread, focaccia, pizzas cooked in a wood oven, rustici and other baked delicacies, both sweet and savoury. Started as an emblem of craftsmanship in the heart of the Pozzuoli districts, our business has expanded to become an authoritative point of reference.

Among reviews su TripAdvisor customers seem highly satisfied with the casatiello made by them. Among the many we find:

 the escarole pizza is delicious, with a very abundant filling, made with top quality ingredients but the apotheosis is reached with the casatiello I suggest you taste the version classic but also the one with sausage and brothers, I can hardly resist and often get a slice to eat in the oven itself

  • Address: Via di Niso, 19, 80078, Naples
  • Phone Number+39 329 019 7687


With almost a century of experience behind it, this historic activity represents an authentic institution in the city. The excellence in quality and the ability to renew the Neapolitan culinary traditions are the pillars on which the fame of August. Here, the flavor of tradition blends with innovation to offer customers a unique and unforgettable culinary experience.

Among the reviews on TripAdvisor among the many reviews we find:

Recommended by several Neapolitan friends we go in search of Casatiello here. We get two huge slices and still steaming, very good. We order an excellent buffalo mozzarella and sausages and friarielli. All really good, authentic and sincere.

  • Address: Via Toledo, 147, 80134, Naples I
  • Phone Number+39 081 551 3540

Coppola Bakery

Il Coppola Bakery it is the result of a family tradition handed down from generation to generation, based on love for the profession and a lifestyle choice based on quality. This renowned bakery is synonymous with excellence and dedication to work, skilfully combining tradition and modernity.

Savoring Coppola's products, you will be able to perceive a piece of nature, appreciate the genuineness of the ingredients and the care in the processing. Tradition is valued without neglecting the importance of technological innovation. Indeed, the bakery has recently moved to a new factory located at the foot of Vesuvius, right in the place where its history began.

Coppola offers a wide range of sweet and savory products, ideal for accompanying breakfasts, snacks and moments of relaxation in the name of gastronomic pleasure. The experience and passion that characterize this bakery are reflected in each creation, guaranteeing authentic and irresistible flavours.

Among the many reviews, this one stands out on the casatiello:

We bought taralli, bread and minis casatiello. All very good. Recommended to all those who take a trip to Naples.

  • Address: Via Nazionale 646, Torre del Greco
  • Phone Number: 081 883 2557

Caseificio Marigliano, the meeting place for flavours

After exploring Piazza Garibaldi, treat yourself to a food and wine break at the restaurant Marigliano Dairy, The Meeting of Flavors. Immersed in the heart of Italian cuisine, this restaurant offers a menu full of delicacies to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Among the various reviews we also find some on casatielli:

Mr. Franco welcomed us in friendship and sympathy, and composed us a tasting dish with all the trimmings, made up of home-made vegetables, cured meats and dairy products including ricotta and buffalo mozzarella. All accompanied by an excellent homely cottage.

  • Address: Via Sigismondo Castromediano, 10, 80142 Naples
  • Phone Number: 081 344 2721


In the family Ambrosinus, love for the bread-making it is a precious gift that is handed down from generation to generation. The family has always dedicated itself with passion, dedication and respect for tradition and nature to the white art, creating high quality products.

At Ambrosino, you can discover a rich selection of sweet delights, prepared daily with fresh and genuine ingredients. The venue also boasts a large counter of deli, where you can taste the classic Neapolitan fries, appetizing pizzas, rustic croissants and stuffed rolls.

And here too there is no shortage of reviews:

There is a wide choice of takeaway food, first courses, chickens, second courses, sandwiches, which combined with delicatessen and bakery products allow you to solve the need for a lunch, the quality is discreet, but for the price you pay one would expect better quality. On the other hand, good prices and quality of the special offers such as the pastiera and the casatiello before Easter

  • Address: Via Michele Kerbaker, 52, 80127 Naples
  • Phone Number: 081 556 4722

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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