The disappearance of Denise Pipitone, what we know, sightings and trials

Denise Pipitone as a child
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The case of Denise Pipitone, disappeared on 1 September 2004 in Mazara del Vallo, in the province of Trapani, is one of the mysteries of the Italian news that has captured the attention of the public for years.
The child she was almost four years old when it disappeared without a trace, and since then, her mother Piera Maggio has continued to look for her tirelessly, following every possible lead and clue.

The reconstruction of the event and the initial hypotheses

The investigations conducted by the authorities and the media over the years have contemplated several hypotheses.

One of the most discussed theories concerns the involvement of Jessica Pulizzi, half-sister of Denise, who, according to the theory, would kidnapped the baby in league with the mother Anna Corona and her ex-boyfriend Gaspare Ghaleb.

The motive for this alleged kidnapping it would be the jealousy of Jessica towards Denise, since both were daughters of the same father, Peter Pulizzi.
This reconstruction carries forward a series of implications concerning the extended family environment and related dynamics such as possible causes of Denise's disappearance.

Sightings, new investigations and case updates

Since the disappearance, several sightings have been reported of girls resembling Denise, both in Italy and abroad. Regardless of these sightings, none have ever led to concrete results or resolution of the case.

2021 saw a reopening of the investigation, with the hope of shedding light on new details of the case. In this context, it is analyzed the possibility of involving nomadic communities or gypsy like intermediaries in Denise's disappearance.

Commission of inquiry and analysis of investigations

Denise's parents, Piera Maggio and Pietro Pulizzi, have called for the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry to analyze any misdirections, conflicts of interest e anomalies in the investigation carried out over the years.

The commission would have the task of evaluating important aspects of the investigations, such as the procedures used in DNA testing made on several occasions where it was believed they had found Denise, or the motivations behind the acquittals due to insufficient evidence of the suspects involved in the case.

Trials, acquittals and uncertainties in the case

despite the numerous hypotheses and suspicions involved in the case, Jessica Pulizzi was acquitted by all levels of judgment due to lack of evidence.
This opens up questions about validity of the proposed reconstructions and on the procedures adopted by law enforcement and the courts.

In light of this, the case of Denise Pipitone still remains open, with the hope that new investigations will finally lead to the solution of this unsolvable mystery.

The sightings of Denise Pipitone

Over the years, they have been reported several sightings of Denise or girls resembling her. In many cases, the authorities they performed DNA tests and conducted extensive investigations, but failed to solve the mystery of his disappearance.

Below are some of the more significant sightings.

Sighting in Milan (2004)

On October 18, 2004, a security guard named Felice Grieco a little girl noticed resembling Denise in Roma company on the street in Milan. Grieco managed to film the little girl, who was called "Danas" in the video.
The little girl had a scratch on her cheek below one eye, a sign Denise had around the time of her disappearance. Despite this, the child has not been identified as Denise.

Case of the Greek island of Kos (2008)

In September 2008, an Italian nurse on holiday on the Greek island of Kos he saw a little girl who looked very much like Denise. The child was in the company of an Albanian woman who she claimed to be her mother.
However, on September 12, 2008, a DNA test ruled out definitively that the child was Denise Pipitone and confirmed her as the daughter of the Albanian woman.

Sighting in Russia (2021)

On March 31, 2021, a Russian nurse residing in Val Seriana reported to the television program Who has seen it? she to have noticed a strong resemblance between Piera Maggio and a twenty-year-old Russian girl participant in the TV show Pust' govoryat (Let them talk).
The girl's name is Olesya Rostova and she claims she was kidnapped as a Roma as a child and to be looking for the mother. However, Piera Maggio's lawyer has announced that the blood group by Olesya Rostova it's not compatible with that of Denise, and that he would have informed the Prosecutor of Marsala anyway.

Each of these sightings has generated hopes and questions, but ultimately did not lead to the solution of the Denise Pipitone case.
With investigations still ongoing, the hope of finding Denise and shed light on her disappearance remains alive.

How is Denise Pipitone today?

Since many years have passed, it is difficult to make an exact prediction of the appearance of the child, now a woman. Through analysis tools it was possible, however, to create a render with a hypothesis of what Denise might be like today.

Who to contact in case of sightings of Denise Pipitone

The family has made contacts available for anyone who might have sightings, but in general unless urgently needed it is always better to contact the police (Police 113, Carabinieri 112) or on the program Who has seen it.

Here is the number to be used only in case of really useful and necessary information 0039 340 5403309

These are the social and digital contacts:

Who has seen contacts for reports

RAI provides various tools through which it is possible to contact the editorial staff of "Chi l'ha visto?" for new reports of missing or troubled people.

  • Phone: 068262
  • Whatsapp: 345 313 1987

How to help Denise Pipitone's family

Of course, every report if real and based on a well-founded suspicion, it is always useful, but it is also possible to help the family which has specially created one NPO "We are looking for Denise Onlus" to which it is possible to donate donations.

  • IBAN: IT33F0760116400001056673542
  • Heading: Ass. We are looking for Denise Onlus
  • Address: via Domenico la Bruna 6, 91026 – Mazara del Vallo (TP) Italy
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