New extension of the Balloon Museum in Naples. Open until April!

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Il balloon museum, apparently, still remains in the area Neapolitan. Initially it was supposed to leave our city in February, then subsequently the first extension arrived which extended its duration until March and now a new one has arrived new extension of the exhibition.

Another extension is coming: the Balloon Museum will not close in March

The Balloon Museum has decided to further extend its exhibition by allowing art enthusiasts to visit at 2024st April XNUMX. A gesture that confirms the success achieved by the space located in the Mostra d'Oltremare in Naples. The organizers also let it be known that this is the last proposal, so after April the museum will leave Naples.

The November crash, what happened to the Balloon Museum?

The extensions are also due to the accident that closed the museum for a short period. During the month of November a storm has in fact damaged the Balloon Museum: one of the structures she completely fell because of the rain and the wind, leaving those who had purchased the ticket, as well as those who would then visit it, left empty-handed. Once the refunds started, the museum closed its doors for a period and then returned stronger than before. Having returned, therefore, he thought well of extending his stay in the area.

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