Luminarie di Salerno, the artist's lights come on, the theme: fairy tales

Illuminations of Salerno, the tree of life
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Well yes, also this year the Luci d'artista in Salerno light up the city. We are at 17th edition, seventeen years of what is now a tradition that has rekindled tourism in Salerno inaugurating the culture of illuminations in Campania.

The lights will remain active until 29 January, a highly anticipated event that brings a huge flow of tourists from all over Italy (and beyond) to the capital.

The theme of the 2023 Illuminations

Every year the illuminations of Salerno have a common theme, this year the organization has decided to bring us walking in a fairytale world and mythological.

From amazing animals to real myths, from the ancient mammoth to the phoenix passing through the tree of Life and the flight of butterflies.

A real immersion in a fairytale and mythological world, full of adventures and fantasy.

Where are the 2023 illuminations located

The main lights, those of the path, they cover the area that goes from the station to the eastern squares, or from Largo Campo and Villa Comunale to Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

The majestic is present in Piazza Portanova Tree of LifeLet's talk about a tree more than 20 meters high, completely decorated with stars and flowers, while the Christmas tree, the more classic one, is in Piazza Vittorio Veneto.
The latter is even higher
, we are almost 30 meters away!

How long will the artist's lights remain in Salerno

The lighting of Salerno's lights has taken place on December 2022, XNUMX, with an inauguration with great pomp. They will remain active for the public until 29 January, date of deactivation and removal.

Photo gallery of the Luminarie of Salerno

Photo by Massimo Pica
  • Where: Salerno
  • When: from Thursday 01 December 2022 to Sunday 29 January 2023
  • Price: the event is free
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