Demonstration for Ukraine in Naples: that's when it marches against the war

Demonstration for Ukraine in Naples
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There are many spontaneous demonstrations all over the world that have been organized in solidarity with Ukraine after the attacks of Russia started in the night between 23 and 24 February 2022 and even the citizens of Naples have made their voices heard.

After the beautiful march for peace that was there yesterday afternoon, February 24, on via Toledo, there will be one new demonstration on February 26th, this time organized by sindacati.

It will be another way to protest and condemn Russian military actions and demand an end to the attacks.

The event in the center of Naples

The unions who organized the new demonstration are CGIL, Cisl e Uil Naples who will meet at 11.00 on 26 February at Largo Berlinguer.

Naturally anyone is invited to participate to have his say and give an important sign of peace "condemning the Russian military aggression and asking for an immediate stop to hostilities".

The trade unions ask, as a first objective, the humanitarian protection of civilians, giving all its solidarity to the people and workers. A peace process above all through the channels of politics and diplomacy, at European and UN level.

Peace flag in Naples

The trade unions conclude:

never as today is it evident that peace and the repudiation of wars they must be the priority of the Italian, European and world political agenda. The European Union must act inspired by its founding principles in defense of peace and democracy. CGIL, CISL and UIL Napoli promote the event in Naples with other organizations.

The great popular demonstration in Naples

The march that has already taken place has seen participation hundreds of people who have spread a huge 30-meter peace flag from Largo Berlinguer to the Prefecture. Activists, Neapolitan and Ukrainian citizens living in the city, trade unions and associations participated.

Also in front of the stadium, before the Napoli-Barcelona match, there were demonstrations of solidarity, as well as a Pompei with a wake.

The banners and signs read "No to war“,“ Against Russian bombs. Against NATO. Naples for peace ”,“ NATO expansionism created the premises for this war. Enough, let's demilitarize the planet ”.

In short, it was truly one great voice made up of hundreds of individuals to stand up and ask for peace.

No to war in Naples

The Chamber of Commerce lights up with the colors of Ukraine

From the evening of February 24, the Chamber of Commerce of Naples it will always be illuminated in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, yellow and blue, as a sign of solidarity.

The lights will remain on until the end of the aggression, as a testimony against the dictatorships of every part of the world.

Information on the event


26 February 2022


from Largo Berlinguer, Naples

Working hours:


  • Where: Largo Berlinguer
  • When: Saturday 26 February 2022, from 11:00
  • Price: the event is free
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