Marcell Jacobs and the injury. Here's the problem (diagnosis)

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Italian athletics is in the midst of a period of uncertainty due of the injury suffered by his sample Marcell Jacobs. This outstanding athlete, best known for winning Olympic gold in the 100m dash at Tokyo, is now at the center of numerous discussions due to the health problems that are affecting his sporting career.

What happened to Marcell Jacobs?

After his triumph in the Tokyo Olympics, career di Marcell Jacobs has suffered a slowdown significant. Several physical problems have afflicted him, compromising his ability to participate in competitions and to perform at his usual level. These physical challenges have led to inevitable uncertainty about his future in track and field.

Marcell Jacobs, how did he get injured?

The injury plaguing Jacobs appears to be the result of a “piriformis muscle traction”, muscle located in the lower body caused not in a specific race, but as a consequence of various situations.

The health problem Marcell Jacobs: the diagnosis

La diagnosis of the condition of Marcell Jacobs it came about after careful scrutiny medical health insurance company. Experts have identified one

condition of perineural inflammation with vascular stasis of the emergence of the sciatic at the level of the ischial foramen of the right thigh.

This diagnosis brought to light the underlying reason for the physical problems that Jacobs experienced in the course of the last year, offering a medical explanation for the difficulties he faced.

Why Marcell Jacobs did it stop your career?

Jacobs' medical situation had a significant impact on his athletic career. The diagnosis and subsequent physical difficulties prompted Jacobs to take a break from competitions, casting a shadow of uncertainty over his athletic future. The uncertainty also concerns its possible participation in the national athletics championships, which will be held in Molfetta next July. But in June Jacobs made an important announcement.

What he said Marcell Jacobs

In his message, Marcell Jacobs expresses frustration and disappointment deriving from physical problems that have plagued him recently and the negative effect of these on his athletic performance. Talk about his need to get back on track despite the challenges, the thrill of competing again, even if its yours performance is still not up to par expectations.

It also expresses its pain for the critical receipts and the apparent forgetfulness of his previous successes. However, Jacobs is committed to overcoming these difficulties, reminding everyone that he is a human being who works hard and who will continue to fight for his goals.

It's been a while that I would like write to you something, but I could never find the right words. But now I feel a strong need to to tell you how I feel, it is correct that you know.

I started the outdoor season and unfortunately it didn't go the way I wanted. And yet, despite having been stopped for almost a month due to my physical problem, despite knowing that I was in no way ready to reach the results which we all hoped for, I chose to take the field the same, knowing full well that probably many would not have understood that the result of that race was not the goal I set for myself. It was important that get back on track. It was thrilling to feel the joy bursting in my chest when I entered the stadium, to feel the adrenaline in my body, to feel the warmth of the crowd and to see the gazes of my opponents. How I missed it! I felt good on the starting blocks and set off like I haven't done in a while, but then my legs didn't support that effort until the end, thetraining necessary and you know the result.

E the inevitable criticisms have arrived, the attacks, the teasing of those who don't know or even imagine how complicated the life of a professional athlete can be. In an instant all accomplished results they seemed worthless.

And I'm very sorry, because it would be nice if I could be supported in such complicated moments. But I don't want to let all this affect me and take me decisions which are not the right ones for me.

I want remind you that I am a human being and push my body to give 110% continuously, and I sweat, struggle and spit blood every single day of my life to achieve goals really challenging. I have many fears, but I am aware of all those, many, that I have faced and overcome. AND i will be reborn still, overcoming the obstacles that life is throwing in front of me again. Ci riusciro, because I will never let anyone or anything stop me from to dream need fight to reach my goals! See you soon and I hope to find you once again by my side.

Lamont Marcell Jacobs

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