Artistic cribs on display at the San Severo Complex at the Pendino of Naples

Neapolitan nativity scene San Severo al Pendino
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Exhibition of Neapolitan artistic cribs and a monumental one at the Crib art exhibition at the San Severo al Pendino complex in Naples.

Until January 8, 2016, the Neapolitan headquarters of the Italian Association Amici del Presepio set up the Presepiale Art Exhibition at National Monumental Complex of San Severo al Pendino sito in via Duomo, in Naples.

In this Christmas atmosphere will be exhibited wonderful nativity scenes, about a hundred and all unpublished, made with the known mastery, from sixty Neapolitan masters of nativity art. Big and small artisanal masterpieces that are inspired by the Christmas tradition among the most ancient and suggestive.

Furthermore, to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of this spectacular event, the artists have built a monumental nativity scene about twenty square meters, adorned with shepherds and members' accessories, which are unique and collectible pieces.

An event not to be missed as it is aimed at safeguarding a heartfelt Campania tradition, exalting its aspects from a historical, religious, artistic, technical, cultural and ethnographic point of view.

Information on the Crib Exhibition

When: until January 8, 2016
Where: Monumental Complex of the city of San Severo al Pendino Via Duomo, 286
Ticket price: 1 €
Contacts and information: 0817956423

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