Naples, May of Monuments 2023. The program of events

May of the 2023 monuments

The cultural celebration di Napoli is enriched with the May of the 2023 Monuments, an event promoted by the Municipality and financed by the Metropolitan City. This year, the event offers a rich program of over 80 free events, that include historical-artistic itineraries, dance shows, representations theater, concerts, film, reading and special initiatives.

The May 2023 program of Monuments

The central theme this year is “Naples at the top”, an opportunity for explore the city from an aerial perspective through over 80 free events.

There will be performances theater as "Life is a dream" by Calderón de la Barca, which will be staged in the suggestive cloister of the complex Santa Maria degli Angeli in Pizzofalcone. Furthermore, there will be concerts of classical and contemporary music at the Church of San Giovanni a Carbonara and the Bellini Theater.

For lovers of movies, there will be one movie review which will take place outdoors at the Florida park. Furthermore, there is no shortage of special initiatives such as free guided tours of the city's underground and to the most important monuments such as the Maschio Angioino and the Castel dell'Ovo. Finally, for the most small there will be available WORKSHOPS creatives to discover the history and art of the city in a fun and educational way.

How to participate in events

Most of the events scheduled during the May of Monuments 2023 in Naples are ad free entry. But for some of them, mandatory booking on the platform is required Eventbrite, as indicated in the program presentation PDF.

Outside May, other independent events

On the sidelines of the activities promoted by the Municipality, the project “Stairs Coordination” highlights a fundamental resource of Naples thanks to the contribution of citizens. This year, the initiative will reveal the vertical dimension of the city, showing the differences in level and the celestial, or rather blue, glimpses.

The 2023 program also includes the section "Out of May", a segment of independent events organized in response to a specific invitation from the Municipality of Naples. Some of the numerous activities promoted by associations, museums and individual operators are “Scale di Maggio”, “The tour of the Neapolitan song”, “The art and medical science of the Anatomical Museum” and “San Giorgio ai Mannesi. From earth to sky”.

The initiative "The school adopts a monument"

The XXIX edition of the event sees the presence of the initiative “The school adopts a monument®”, curated by the Napoli Novantanove Foundation, which connects the Maggio dei Monumenti to its founding moment. Thanks to the commitment of teachers and Neapolitan students, visitors will be able to rediscover sites such as the Roman Baths of via Terracina, the Spinacorona Fountain and other places of interest.

  • Where: Napoli
  • When: from Friday 12 May 2023 to Sunday 04 June 2023
  • Prezzi:
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Written by Andrew Navarro
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