Naples, new shirt dedicated to Maradona: here is the celebratory uniform

Shirts dedicated to Maradona
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Calcio Napoli has devised a new shirt and it has dedicated to the great champion Diego Armando Maradona.

After Halloween themed uniform, the Club proposes a new celebratory jersey that it will wear only in the next three league matches.

The shirt with the face of Maradona

Photo source: SSC Napoli

On the new shirt, signed EA7, there is the stylized face of Maradona with the overlay of a fingerprint which "also represents the desire of society to pass on the legacy of the Argentine legend to the Neapolitan city to the younger generations".

I shortsinstead, they have the characteristic color blue of the team.

Will be sold in three color variants, in a'limited edition only 1926 specimens. The number represents the founding year of Calcio Napoli.

A year without Maradona

The reason why this shirt was proposed is theanniversary of Maradona's death, which took place on November 25 last year. That's why she will be worn by the team for three games this month. These are the three matches against the Verona,Inter , Lazio and the Maradona Game, as the jacket was called, will make a fine show of itself.

Where to buy the shirt

The shirt can be bought on Amazon and on the official store of Calcio Napoli at the price of 150 €.

Photo source: Il Mattino

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