Christmas in Sorrento 2023, the program of Christmas events

Christmas in Sorrento

Sorrento It is transformed into a enchanted stage this winter, a place where , culture e traditions come together in a calendar of extraordinarily lively and diverse events. From the November 24, 2023 to January 21 2024, the city explodes in a vortex of colors, sounds e emotions, offering an unforgettable experience to anyone who immerses themselves in this vibrant cultural ferment.

What are the Christmas events in Sorrento 2023

The Sorrento program is a explosive cocktail of experiences: from nostalgic puppet art moving religious processions and exciting concerts, each event is a chapter in a fascinating story. The frequent ones puppet shows they are a tribute tofamily entertainment and cultural roots, While the musical performances and processions reveal a deep respect for the spiritual tradition e musical of the city.

Modern events like “Todos. Napolincontrabaires” and the , by Enzo Decaro open the doors to a world where contemporary culture e echo of the past they coexist in perfect harmony. They are not missing culinary experiences e art exhibitions, like “E' asciut mazz 'o maestro” ei Tableaux Vivants by Artemisia Gentileschi, which offer a sensorial dive into artistic heritage e culinary of Sorrento. This variety not only attracts an eclectic audience, but also makes the city a cultural melting pot to discover and love.

Program of events in Sorrento for Christmas 2023

Events in Sorrento in November 2023

  • 24 November: Shopping under the tree, Corso Italia and Historic Centre.
  • 25 November: 18.00pm Lighting of the tree and lights, Piazza Tasso; 19.00pm Pier the Violinist, Piazza Sant'Antonino; 10.00-21.00 Puppet show, Piazza Tasso.
  • 26 November: 19.00pm Christmas pinches, Basilica of Sant'Antonino.
  • 27 Nov – 1 Dec: Professional Cinema Days, Cinema Armida and Hilton Sorrento Palace.
  • 29 November: 18.30pm Concert From Verdi to Puccini, Museo Correale.
  • 30 November: 20.30pm Suoni DiVini “Gnu Quartet – Paganini, The Rock Album”, Sorrento Cathedral.

Events in Sorrento in December 2023

  • 1 December: 20.30pm Divine Sounds “Ilaria Pilar Patassini – Terra Senza Terra”, Sorrento Cathedral.
  • 2 December: 17.30pm Boomerang Orkestra, Corso Italia and Historic Centre; 20.30pm Tiromancino DiVini Sounds, Sorrento Cathedral.
  • 3 December: 11.00 Boomerang Orkestra, Corso Italia and Historic Centre; Vintage car and motorbike rally, Piazza Lauro; 19.00pm Natalèa between the Villages and the Marines, Church of Santa Lucia.
  • 6 December: 19.00pm Christmas time between the villages and the marinas, Church of Sant'Anna Marina Grande.
  • 6-10 Dec: Sorrento Chocoland, Corso Italia pedestrian area.
  • 7-10 Dec: 17.30pm-23.30pm Street Food Sorrento Village, Piazza Lauro; 7 Dec 17.00-00.00 Stars for shopping, Piazza Lauro.
  • 8-10 Dec, 20 Dec – 7 Jan: 10.00-14.00 Opening of Bastione di Parsano, Christmas in Sorrento.
  • 8 December: 19.00pm Misa Criolla y Navidad Nuestra, Cathedral of SS. Philip and James.
  • 9-15 Jan: Luigi Stinga artistic installation, Villa Comunale.
  • 9 December: 10.00-13.00 Christmas Train, from Viale Nizza to Cesarano and Casarlano; 18.30pm Gospel concert, Church of the Annunziata.
  • 10 December: 19.00pm “Complice Armonia” Ensemble concert, Chiesa dell'Addolorata; 19.00pm-23.00pm Traveling bingo, Piazza Veniero.
  • 11 December: 19.00pm Natalèa between the Villages and the Marinas, Church of Sant'Attanasio Vescovo Priora.
  • 12 December: 18.30pm Invitation to the opera, Museo Correale; 12-13 Dec Ceppone di Santa Lucia, Borgo di Santa Lucia.
  • 14 December: 19.00pm Itinerant Folklore, Corso Italia and Historic Centre; 19.30pm Souls of Naples, Church of Addolorata; 20.30pm A note, a memory, Cinema Armida.
  • 15-17 Dec: Caruso Celebrations in Sorrento, Enrico Caruso 150th anniversary celebrations.
  • 15 December: 17.00pm-24.00am Art Christmas in Via San Nicola; 18.00pm Folklore parade, Corso Italia and Historic Centre; 20.30pm Vincenzo Costanzo concert, Teatro Tasso.
  • 16 December: 10.00-13.00 Christmas Train, from Viale Nizza to Marina Grande and Marina Piccola; 19.00pm Pier the Violinist, Piazza Sant'Antonino; Concerts Correale Museum, Church of Santa Maria di Casarlano, Basilica of Sant'Antonino, Cathedral of SS. Philip and James; 20.00pm Opera Concert, Circolo dei Forestieri.
  • 17 December: 12.00 Opera concert, Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria; 17.30pm-19.00pm Listening to Enrico Caruso records, Circolo dei Forestieri; 18.00-19.30 The Fantomatik Orchestra, Corso Italia and Centro Storico; 19.30pm Treasure Hunt Parade, Corso Italia; 20.00pm Gala Concert, Teatro Tasso.
  • 18-21 Dec: Sorrento Jazz XXIV Edition, Teatro Tasso.
  • 21 December: 20.00pm Natalèa Concert, Church of Santa Maria di Casarlano; 09.00-13.00 Santa Claus with the schools, Tasso Theatre.
  • 22 December: 19.30pm-21.30pm Quattro Quarti band concert, Corso Italia.
  • 23 Dec – 6 Jan: 10.00-12.00 The Little Elves Workshop, Villa Fiorentino; 17.30pm-20.00pm Living nativity scene Sorrento, Episcopal Palace gardens.
  • 23 December: 10.00-13.00 Christmas Train, from Viale Nizza to Priora; 19.00pm “Four Notes” band concerts, Corso Italia and Chiesa del Rosario.
  • 24 December: 12.00 Fried Pizza, Via degli Archi at “Da Gigino”; 15.00pm-19.00pm Puppet show, Piazza Tasso.
  • 25-27 Dec: Christmas Treasure Hunt.
  • 25 December: 17.30pm SCS Sorrento Sinfonietta International Chamber Orchestra concert, Church of SS Annunziata.
  • 26 December: 19.00pm Pier the Violinist, Piazza Sant'Antonino; Concert “Naples meets Bueno Saires”, Cathedral of SS. Philip and James.
  • 27 December: 16.00pm-20.00pm Luna Park Christmas, Villa Fiorentino; 19.00 pm 12 Corde Acoustic band, Corso Italia; 20.00pm SCS International Christmas Ballet Show, Teatro Tasso.
  • 28 December: 18.00pm Folklore bingo, Via San Nicola.
  • 29 December: 20.00pm SCS Best American Christmas Gospel Show, Teatro Tasso.
  • 30 December: 18.30pm G. Martucci – “Mass of Glory”, Basilica of Sant'Antonino; 19.30pm M' Barka Ben Taleb, Cathedral of SS. Philip and James; 20.00pm Concert in memory of Mariano Russo, Piazza Tasso.
  • 31 December: 11.30 SCS Sorrento Sinfonietta International Symphony Orchestra, Teatro Tasso; 17.00pm Folklore parade, Corso Italia and Historic Centre; 18.00pm Ciuccio di fiore, Piazza Tasso; 23.00pm - 03.00am New Year's Eve party, Piazza Tasso.

Events in Sorrento in January 2024

  • 1 Gen: 01.00 Fireworks show, Marina Piccola; 17.30pm SCS Sorrento Sinfonietta International Orchestra, Teatro Tasso.
  • 1-15 Jan: Sorrento Film & Food Festival, Cinema Armida; Photographic exhibition “Life… life in the Sorrento Peninsula”, Cloister of San Francesco.
  • 2 Gen: Puppet show, Piazza Tasso.
  • 3 Gen: 19.30pm “There is a whole life to write and smoke over coffee”, Chiesa dell'Addolorata.
  • 4 Gen: 19.30pm Neapolitan Legends, Church of Addolorata; 21.00pm Enzo Gragnaniello, Tasso Theatre.
  • 5 Gen: 19.00pm “Swinging Christmas” – Cassandra Rapone Quintet, Museo Correale; 12 String Acoustic trio band, Corso Italia; 15.30pm-18.30pm La Befana a Priora, Borgo di Priora.
  • 5-6 Jan: 16.00pm-20.00pm La Dimora della Befana, Villa Fiorentino.
  • 6 Gen: 10.00-12.00 Bersaglieri Parade, from Priora to Piazza Tasso; 19.30pm Traditional Procession of the Child Jesus, Church of Carmine; Fiorenza Calogero in Ex Voto, Basilica of Sant'Antonino.
  • 7 Jan: Piazza Tasso, Puppet Show; 17.00pm-24.00am, Via San Nicola, Christmas of Art; 18.00pm-19.30pm, Corso Italia and Historic Center, Zastava Orkestar; 20.00pm, Sant'Antonino Parish Theatre, “Todos. Napolincontrabaires” with Diego Moreno.
  • 8 Jan: 19.00pm-23.30pm, Via Fuorimura at the Pizzeria Da Michele, “E' asciut pazz 'o maestro”.
  • 9 Jan: 20.00pm, Sant'Antonino Parish Theatre, Fede 'n Marlen.
  • 13-14 Jan: 17.00pm, 18.00pm, 19.00pm, Basilica of Sant'Antonino, Tableaux Vivants by Artemisia Gentileschi.
  • 14 Jan: 20.00pm, Teatro Tasso, Enzo Decaro – “It's not true but I believe it”.
  • 21 Jan: 15.30pm, Cathedral of SS. Filippo and Giacomo, Award ceremony of the “The Nativity scene today” competition XLIV Ed.
  • Where: Sorrento
  • When: from Friday 24 November 2023 to Sunday 21 January 2024
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Written by Andrew Navarro
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