Viability ordinance for the commemoration of the dead


On the occasion of day of commemoration of the dead, the Municipality of Naples, through its official website, has published an ordinance with which it establishes the temporary closure of some roads for the pilgrimage to the Cemeteries of Poggioreale, in the days of 30 October and 1 and 2 November 2022.

The traffic device

In particular, the ordinance will be valid from 06:00 to 14:30 and until ceased needs, and provides for the following provisions:

  • No parking with forced removal, except for scheduled and non-scheduled means of transport, emergency vehicles, police forces and civil protection in the streets: Largo Santa Maria del Pianto, Via S. Maria del Pianto, via del Riposo and Via nuova Poggioreale
  • Lane for reversing the direction of travel, reserved for ANM Spa vehicles, bordered at the intersection of Via Santa Maria del Pianto with Via del Riposo at the height of the triangular flowerbed
  • One-way traffic in the streets: via S. Maria del Pianto, from the confluence of via del Riposo to that of Quadrivio Stadera - in via Nuova Poggioreale only for the stretch between via Stadera and via M. Parisi
  • Il prohibition of vehicular transit, with the exception of buses in urban line service, non-scheduled public transport (taxis), emergency vehicles and law enforcement agencies, civil protection vehicles, rental cars with driver in body transport service and of vehicles carrying the disabled with the regular badge, which can circulate in both directions, in via S. Maria del Pianto, in the stretch between the intersection with via del Riposo and the main entrance to the cemetery
  • Prohibition of vehicular transit, except buses in urban line service, taxis, rental cars with driver in body transport service and vehicles carrying disabled people bearing the badge
  • Prohibition of vehicular transit in via De Giaxa, at the confluence with viale Umberto Maddalena
  • Prohibition of vehicular transit except for public transport on line and non-line on the lane of via del rest which connects via Santa Maria del Pianto with Largo Santa Maria del Piango
  • Obligation to turn left for private vehicles circulating in via FM Briganti which enter viale Umberto Maddalena
  • No passing to goods transport vehicles in Via Nuova del Campo, via Don Bosco, via Santa Maria del Pianto, Quadrivia Stasera and Via Nuova Poggioreale
  • No parking with forced removal in Via del Riposo, via Don Bosco and via Nuova del Campo
  • Closure of the entrance from Via Masoni of the access ramp to the Perimeter of Scampia
  • In Via Salomone n46 / A height paolo IP N ° 1051798 a temporary stop reserved for vehicles used for the collective public transport service of the urban line
  • Number 2 areas reserved for the parking of public transport on the urban line in via Santa Maria del Pianto arranged parallel to the sidewalk, one on the right side and the other on the left side of the carriageway, in the stretch of road at the triangular flowerbed, side of the main entrance to the Cemetery
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Written by Serena De Luca
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