New Year's Eve in the square in Salerno, here is the plan for public safety

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For the party of San Silvestro in Piazza Amendola a Salerno, which will see the special participation of Negroamaro, the idea of ​​implementing a plan for the public security, which therefore guarantees maximum enjoyment but always with respect for everyone. The Plan was presented to the Prefecture, it will have to be evaluated and then discussed within the Committee for Public Order and Safety.

It will then be the Municipality that will grant the green light to the show, after having received all the confirmations from the provincial supervisory commission set up in the Government Palace. Obviously it will not be about red zone because there is no emergency, the adjacent streets will be defined concert area and will be indicated three escape routes in case of emergency. These are:

  • The Villa Comunale which will be closed on the 31st morning
  • The road adjacent to the prefecture/police headquarters
  • The road adjacent to the Municipality

In order to access the concert area they will be several gates open different from those for residents, in order to avoid crowding.

Furthermore, the operations center of the police station it will become the joint operations center until the morning of 1 January. Therefore all emergency calls and territory control will be performed by this body.

Police recommendations

The police station is also keen to launch an appeal to all the people who will participate in the New Year's Eve in Salerno, namely that of do not bring bottles of alcohol or sparkling wine.

In fact, there will be strict controls, no alcohol or glass bottles will be allowed inside the concert area.

A decision to prevent violence from happening.

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Written by Serena De Luca
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