Gelato Festival 2023 in Salerno, between desserts and much more

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Between 7 and September 10th, the enchanting shores of Salerno they will become the scene of a grandiose gastronomic and artisanal celebration. During this period, the city will host the GelatiAmo, the first festival dedicated to Italian artisan ice cream, and the food and wine and handicraft fair, Taste Italy. Both events, free and open to the public, promise to enthrall visitors with a wealth of flavors and artisanal experiences.

What is the Gelato Festival?

Il Ice Cream Festival, known as GelatiAmo, is a unique celebration dedicated to the fresh, handmade delights that are synonymous with the Italian summer. This event offers an outstanding platform for the masters ice cream makers venues to present a variety of Artisan ice cream, showcasing a wealth of unmistakable tastes and typical specialties of the region. An unmissable event, not only for ice cream lovers, but for all those who appreciate the craftsmanship and quality that characterize Italian gastronomy.

Gastronomic offer: ice creams and more

In addition to the exquisite frozen creations, the festival offers a wide range of gastronomic options to satisfy every palate. Participants will have the opportunity to discover a variety of delicacies, from local cured meats and cheeses, to licorice of Calabria. And for those with a sweet tooth, there will be cannoli, cassate and treats Sicilians, accompanied by a range of craft drinks locals. In addition, craft stands will be set up, where it will be possible to purchase unique products, ranging from costume jewelry up to products in ceramic and natural creams.

Workshops and shows

During the event, guests will be able to participate in a variety of WORKSHOPS and to attend shows exciting. Below is the full schedule of events:

  • Thursday and Friday, at 18: Clay processing driven by Silvana Caputo, in the Area Our Labswith the students of the Vietri Ceramic School.
  • Saturday and Sunday, at 20pm: Decoration of a Vietri ceramic plate, an event led by Valentina Corsutowith the students of the Vietri Ceramic School.
  • Thursday, at 20 pm: Journey into the sensory analysis of craft beer with Antonella Petitti e Alfonso Del Forno, accompanied by the La Nuda Brewery of Serre.
  • Friday, at 20 pm: Presentation of the new ice cream flavor "Myrsine", with Silvia Chirico of the ice cream shop Chirico estate of Ascea.
  • Saturday, at 21 pm: Discovery of the specialties of the Picentini mountains with Emilio Soldivieri of Elijah pastry shop di Giffoni Valle Piana.
  • Sunday, at 20pm: Cooking demonstration with the chef Nando Melileo Restaurant Exciting of Salerno.

In addition to the laboratories, there will be musical performances every evening at 21, with a variety of performances ranging from popular music to juggling and fire shows.

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  • Where: Salerno
  • When: from Thursday 07 September 2023 to Sunday 10 September 2023
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