Royal Palace of Naples opens for All Saints' Day 2023

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Royal Palace of Naples promises to amaze its visitors with new evening events. These events will offer the opportunity to admire the grandeur of the palace in a unique context. The night of Halloween it will, without a doubt, be one of the most anticipated events, combining history and fun in a magical atmosphere.

Evening opening for Halloween 2023

Il Royal Palace of Naples has announced special evening openings for the month of October 2023. In particular, on the night of Halloween, visitors will be able to explore theHistorical apartment and attend exclusive performances, all for an entrance ticket of just 2 euros. However, the appointment is not on the night of the 31st, but on the night of November 1st All Saints Day.

The performances of the evening

During the evening, there will be several artistic performances curated by local and international talents. One of the flagship performances will be the one created by Mauro Maurizio Palumbo, which will take place in the Salone d'Ercole of theHistorical apartment, promising to give emotions and surprises to those present.

How to participate in the special openings of the Royal Palace

To participate in the special openings, visitors must book on the official website of the Royal Palace of Naples or at the palace ticket office. We recommend booking in advance, given the high demand for these special events.

  • Where: Royal Palace of Naples
  • When: Wednesday November 01 2023
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