Pope Francis in Naples on 21 June 2019: for the welcome

Pope Bergoglio in Naples
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Papa Francesco in Naples: Pope Bergoglio protagonist of a conference on Veritatis Gaudium

"The Pope is always engaged in building bridges (pontifex is precisely who builds bridges, ed). Napoli it's a city open that by tradition, history and context wants to welcome, unlike those who close their doors and transform our Mediterranean sea into a cemetery ".

Thus the cardinal Sepe frames the visit that on Friday 21 June 2019 Pope Bergoglio will make to Naples, a very special guest of a theological conference dedicated to the impact of the "apostolic constitution" Veritatis Gaudium in the context of the Mediterranean.

The participation of a pontiff as a speaker at a theological conference is an almost absolute novelty.

The theme is made quite explicit by the words we recalled above of thearchbishop of Naples. To place the Gospel in a political and cultural context in which migrants are increasingly portrayed as the enemy, the source of all evil, the origin of all problems.

It's a calculation cynical and rather discovered, but also very effective and profitable on the electoral front, as we have seen in the last European elections.
It is a calculation that the Church of Bergoglio does not tire of denouncing forcefully, even with this coming theological conference.

Also because the "Catholic" Church is either universal or it is not and if there is a value that Christianity can teach everyone, even agnostics and atheists, it is that we are all human beings with the same rights and the same aspirations .

Ultimately that's what Papa Francesco comes to reiterate: in a city that has always never excluded anyone, imbued as it is with an instinctive, warm and splendidly tolerant humanism.
In a word, a city cozy.

THEhelicopter of the Pope will land at the Virgilian park at the 9 of 21 June, after which the pontiff will reach the headquarters of the car theological faculty of Via Petrarca, which overlooks the Gulf of Naples.

No meetings with the city are planned, but Cardinal Sepe underlines that «Papa Francesco he is well informed on the situation in Naples, starting with labor problems."

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