Easter 2024 in Naples, from March to May an open-air food market

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Il 31 March 2024 it's the day when Napoli turns into a party stage with i Easter markets. Imagine yourself strolling through the streets of the historic centre, from 26 March up to 6st May. A celebration that lasts for more than a month, with stands scattered throughout 14 squares of the heart of Naples. From Santa Chiara to Piazza del Gesù, it is all a buzz of colours, flavors and traditions.

Easter will be celebrated until May: what does the celebration consist of?

La Easter in Naples it's not just a Sunday of chocolate and decorated eggs. Here, the festival extends into May, transforming the city into a open-air market. You will find everything: from Easter eggs to traditional desserts such as Tortani, casatiello e pastry. And it doesn't end here! Each stand is a small treasure of local craftsmanship: red horns, Jewelry, paintings and so on. A perfect mix of culture, taste and beauty, all "Made in Naples".

The squares of Naples involved

Naples is preparing to welcome its visitors with the markets scattered throughout its most iconic squares. This year, the party grows and becomes richer, involving well 14 location. Get ready to explore:

  1. Piazza Dante – with the approval of the Mayor;
  2. With Cervantes de SM;
  3. With A. Diaz/Largo E. Berlinguer;
  4. Piazza Carità (on one side the monument to Salvo D'Acquisto);
  5. Piazza Carità (Pignasecca side);
  6. The courtyard of church of Santa Chiara;
  7. Market Square;
  8. Piazza Bovio;
  9. With G. Cesare Cortese;
  10. Piazzetta Casanova;
  11. Piazzetta Orefici;
  12. Rampe S. Marcellino;
  13. Piazza Portanova;
  14. Piazza del Gesù.

Every corner of Naples is ready to surprise you with its uniqueness and its traditions.

The announcement is coming

Get ready, because the announcement is about to arrive that will decide who will be able to set up their stands in the beating hearts of Naples. There II Municipality has already given the green light to the squares that will host the party. From Sunday to Wednesday the time will be from 8: 00 to 22: 00, while from Thursday to Saturday lasts until midnight. Don't miss the final update to find out all the details and not miss a moment of this month-long celebration.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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