Why Easter eggs are weighed in supermarkets. Is it possible?


Easter approaches and in supermarkets one breaks out treasure hunt 2.0. People are weighing le Easter eggsyes, you understood correctly. It all comes from a new trend launched by TikTok.

Why has the "fashion" of weighing Easter eggs started in supermarkets?

Find out which one before purchasing gadgets is he hiding inside a chocolate egg? Thanks to TikTok, now it's possible. THE video tutorial that explain how to do it have gone viral.

The practice, a mix of cunning and curiosity, does not make me smile supermarket managers. Signs reading “No weighing of Easter eggs” appeared everywhere. But who can stop the desire to discover if inside that egg there isThun bear o Goku?

Can the supermarket prohibit me from weighing them?

Well yes, i supermarkets they may tell you not to use their scales for yours Easter eggs. There's no law explicitly against it, but if a sign says no, technically you should listen to it.

But here's the truth: if you are determined enough to bring a scale from home with you, as the always informed spread Maximilian Dona, who's stopping you? This is the age of creativity and ingenuity. The desire to discover the surprise ahead of its time demonstrates that tradition can always evolve.


If you are wondering why there is someone who weighs Easter eggs, know that in the universe of collectors, the hunt for limited editions often makes use of creative solutions: this year, with the arrival of the Kinder Easter eggs dedicated to Dragonball , a real gold rush was unleashed among fans. We are talking about the figures of Goku, Vegeta and Jiren, arrived in eggs directly from Toriyama's work. Weigh the eggs to find the right figure thanks to a social tam tam that revealed the weight for each "surprise". But weighing supermarket products would help much more to verify that the nominal content indicated on pre-packaged packaging corresponds to the actual content. But pay attention to the tolerances established by the regulations: weight in grams or milligrams from 5 to 50 (9% tolerance) from 100 to 200 (4,5 g or ml tolerance) from 200 to 300 (4,5% tolerance) from 300 to 500 ( tolerance 9 g or ml) from 500 to 1000 (3% tolerance) from 1000 to 10.000 (1,5% tolerance) consumers Easter eggs weight surprise supermarket tolerance kinder dragonball

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But then how do I weigh them?

Faced with the ban, the watchword is ingenuity. If you cannot use the scales of supermarket, No problem. The idea of ​​bringing a scale from home is spread by influencer Massimiliano Dona.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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