Kinder Easter Egg Weight to discover surprises. The grams


The time when children, and not only them, anxiously waited to open seems over the Easter egg to find out what surprise there would be inside.

On social media, especially on TikTok, there are a myriad of things going around video lesson that spoil the exact weights of each Easter egg and their relative surprise: essentially the weight changes based on the content, consequently by weighing it you will be able to preview what is inside the egg.

We are going to focus on Kinder Easter Eggs, but before doing so we want to specify that we have not actually tried the weights firsthand and that, unfortunately, the scales they can have one calibration which differs minimally, but this could affect the final weight of the product. But let's get to the point.

Kinder Easter Egg Weights


  • Goku: 272G
  • Vegetate: 256G
  • Jiren: 274G

Jurassic World

  • pterodactyl: 250g
  • T-Rex: 280g
  • Ankylosaurus: 425g


  • Paperino: 275g
  • Mickey mouse: 270g
  • Pluto: 250g


  • Pink: 270g
  • Verde: 254g
  • Orange: 250g


  • Batman jetpack: 550g
  • Batman motorcycle: 514g
  • Batmobile: 650g


  • Cinderella: 716g
  • La Mermaid: 502g
  • Rapunzel: 596g

Mario Kart

  • Mario: 390/95 days
  • Luigi: 397g
  • Pluto: 250g
  • Toad: 295g
  • Yoshi: 400g


  • Hulk: 423g
  • IronMan: 374g
  • Spiderman: 372g
  • Groot Adult: 398g


  • Elsa: 238g
  • Anna: 252/55g
  • Olaf: 372g
  • Elsa girl: 253g
  • Anna child: 251g

Star Wars

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi: 432g
  • Stormtrooper: 425g
  • Master Yoda: 416g
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Written by Andrew Navarro
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