Festival The Four Days of the Cinema of Naples: Obiettivo Lavoro

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four days of the cinema of napoli 2013

The first edition of the "Four Days of Cinema in Naples" will take place in numerous locations in the city and outside. The competition sections will be six

It will be the first edition this year and will be called the Festival de "The Four Days of Cinema in Naples: Obiettivo Lavoro". This is a competition event that has the ultimate aim of promoting and relaunching the city of Naples through the images of feature films and short films.

Will take place 22 from October to 27 2013 in different locations in the city and will consist of 6 sections in competition. The locations will be, among others: Mercadante Theater, Pan, Maschio Angioino, Castel dell'Ovo, Augusteo Theater, Court Theater at Palazzo Reale, Hall and rare hall National Library, Italian Institute of Philosophical Studies and numerous cinemas, including the Warner and the Pearl. Furthermore, outside Naples, the venue will be the Virtual Archaeological Museum of Herculaneum.

Inside them there will be screenings of the works in competition, reviews, exhibitions, meetings with the authors, workshops and master classes. As for the competition sections, the program will be full of reviews that include images of great directors who want to promote our city.

Furthermore, each competition will decide its own winners and prizes and specific professionals will be found for the “making of a feature film produced by the best screenplay for feature films participating in the SCRIPT Screenplay Competition ”.

Information on the Festival of the Four Cinema Days

When: 22 from October to 27 2013
Where: numerous locations in the city and outside the city



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