Forced removal on the San Giovanni course, technical tests for the return of the tram

Forced car removal
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To allow the technical tests for the return of the tram, there will be the forced removal of cars not allowed to stop on Corso San Giovanni a Teduccio.

The day Thursday January 11 2018 a San Giovanni a Teduccio in Naples will be carried out technical tests of operation of some tram for which the Do not stop in a section of the neighborhood street.

In particular, from hour to hour 6.00 13.30 cars can not stop or stop from the civic number 432 of Corso San Giovanni to Teduccio up to the Ponte dei Francesi. The penalty will be the forced removal.


These technical transit tests are related to the next one return of trams to Naples expected for spring. In fact, the will be reactivated 1, 2 and 4 lines and the routes provide connections between via Marina and areas such as San Giovanni a Teduccio and Poggioreale.

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All that remains is to wait until the end of the work for the track restoration on the roads affected by the routes and which provide, as in the case of January 11, some small temporary inconveniences for motorists in case of a stop.

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