Satispay, why is it rarely used in Naples?

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Before starting, a fundamental clarification is in order: this post is not sponsored, Satispay has not contacted us, asked us for sponsorships, nor made any payments to us.

(Obviously, dear Satispay marketing department, if you read this post and look for us, who are we to tell you no!)

The post was born from our desire to delve deeper into the topic, especially considering the recent controversy over POS commissions. Having said that, let's get into the merits of the matter.

What is Satispay?

There are a thousand explanations around the web, one less clear than the other.
But in fact, what is this Satispay and why in Naples we should adopt it?

Satispay is a payment system via a mobile app which allows you to pay for purchases in physical stores and online without the need for cash, debit or credit card.

To pay in a physical store, just open the Satispay app and scan the shopkeeper's QR code. The payment will be made immediately and the merchant will receive the amount in their Satispay account e which you can transfer to your current account via bank transfer.

The advantage is for both users and merchants, who can say goodbye to commissions.
Let's see better why.

Why should we use Satispay in Naples?

Actually the first to be interested in Satispay it should be the traders, and this is where the perplexity arises. Why do many traders in Naples not accept Satispay?

The main advantage of the platform is that there are no commissions on all purchases up to €10.
So merchants have every interest in charging with Satispay for small purchases, because it would allow them to reduce commission costs.

While for purchases over €10 the commission is fixed: 20 cents.

And what about the citizens? Why should they use Satispay?

As users, the advantages of Satispay are many:

  • It is a payment system sure, transactions are encrypted and the app opens with fingerprint
  • There is a weekly spending cap, called Budget, which is decided by the user, so if you set a spending limit of €50 you cannot spend more than €50
  • No credit or debit cards are needed
  • It is possible to have cashback, or a financial return, on some purchases
  • You can say goodbye to cash, no risk of theft nor expenses without awareness
  • Your money doesn't lose value

Furthermore, with Satispay it is possible to pay for many services, including:

  • paymentPA, to pay fines, health services, stamps for competitions and much more with the public administration
  • Telephone top-ups
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Car and motorcycle stamp
  • Postal payment
  • Donations to charities

Finally it is also possible make group purchases, for example for a gift and have i Satispay meal vouchers.

Why isn't Satispay used in Naples?

Naples has always been a very city conservative, every new thing is often opposed and the first reaction from the Neapolitans is always the same skepticism. We have always been used to this, also due to the many dominations that our city has undergone, including the Spanish, French and many others. In short, the Neapolitans they do not trust.

Our it is a city with a strong cash culture. Many Neapolitans they prefer to pay in cash, also and above all for small purchases.

Really making small purchases with electronic money is almost a source of shame, but a lot of it has to do with public hearing about the “cost of commissions.” That is, we know how difficult and expensive life is and we regret that the shopkeeper has to bear the burden of commissions. But as already said, commissions on small purchases are not present, so Neapolitans should be motivated to use Satispay.

Despite these scepticisms, Satispay is starting to spread in Naples. The number of Satispay users in the city is constantly increasing and there are more and more merchants accepting this payment method.

We did a test and, to date, one merchant out of every 15 in Naples offers Satispay.
We can definitely do more, but the path is underway.

How to sign up to Satispay as a normal user

Signing up for Satispay is very simple, you just need to install the app on your smartphone and indicate your details, the weekly budget and the associated IBAN. No fear, Satispay will never be able to withdraw from the current account independently except for recharging the budget in case of expenses.

This means that if you set a budget of €100 and spent €15 during the week, Satispay will not be able to withdraw more than €15 from your current account, or the equivalent of the week's expenses.

As soon as you register, the indicated budget will be taken in full, so the advice is not to enter too high a budget. Even just €50 is enough, so you can familiarize yourself with the instrument and make your first purchases.

All you need to do to sign up is click on this link.

How to sign up for Satispay if you are a shop or sales business

Registration for retailers is extremely simple, simply open the address:

The request form must be filled out on the page by entering all the data upon completion you will receive a QR code to be shown to users to receive payments. Easy, right?

Example of request form

In short, have we convinced you?

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