Terra Amara, plot of the XL episode of April 14th on Canale 5

Zuleyha and Hakan in Bitter Land
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Fans of Bitter land are you ready for a new XL episode of the fourth season of this record-breaking Turkish soap? So make yourselves comfortable because tomorrow, Sunday 14 April 2024, by 14: 30, another extra long appointment with Zuleyha & Co. awaits us on Canale 5. And, apparently, we will see some really good ones: at the center of the whole attack (failed, fortunately!) against Zuleyha whose instigator, we know, is none other than the perfidious Colak. But how will it go? Follow us to find out all the details!

An attack on Zuleyha in Bitter Land

Air of tragedy in that of Terra Amara with the Colak's plan against Zuleyha which seems to be about to materialize. In fact, if in the last episode we saw the Altun rush to the aid of a pregnant woman in danger, now will be the time to deal with the consequences of this choice.

To get to your destination, in fact, there will be a suspension bridge to cross. Too bad that this very bridge it will give way shortly before being crossed: a few seconds and the consequences would have been irreparable! It will be clear, at that point, that someone must have sabotaged everything.. Will they immediately think of Colak? Of course yes! It's a shame that those responsible, once caught, they will give all the responsibility to Vahap.

Hakan and Colak's threats to Vahap

When Hakan learns that none other than Vahap is behind the attack on Zuleyha, he will go look for him and try, by any means, to make him confess. Vahap will swear he did nothing and not to be the guilty one! Despite everything, however, an arrest warrant will be issued against the man. Abdulkadir, in an attempt to protect his brother, will send him to Mersin.

The man, however, will still do his own thing and he will secretly enter Colak's villa leaving a threatening writing on the wall. When Colak sees her he will go to Abdulkadir with the intention of making Vahap pay: he will be shocked when Abdulkadir tells him that her brother is not in the city because he himself sent him out of the city. What a shock, then, to discover that Vahap will have disobeyed him again to take revenge on Colak!

A new love for Fikret?

Fikret is in love with Zuleyha, we know it well! When, however, Cetin will meet Zeynep, daughter of his schoolmaster, together with Lutfiye he will decide to make it known to Fikret himself because they are convinced that the two could, in reality, like each other very much. And so they'll make up an excuse... but will it really work?

Sermin and Betul ready to leave Cukurova in the Bitter Land

Sermin and Betul lost their home where they lived because Abdulkadir threw them out and they are now Zuleyha's guests. The two women they would like to leave the Yaman estate and move to Istanbul. To do so, however, they will have to overcome an obstacle and succeed recover the money that Betul has kept, up to this moment, in a safe.

Watch out Sermin: the woman he will ridicule Colak in the village, shouting from the rooftops how the man, who calls himself so magnanimous, has actually held Betul prisoner. His intention will be clear: she will want the man to ask Betul for a divorce in order to be able to derive all possible advantages from it in this case too. One thing, however, is certain: things won't go exactly like this and we will find out very soon!

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