Terra Amara, evening show of April 19th on Canale 5

Hakan and Zuleyha in Bitter Land
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Fans of Bitter land, are you ready to enjoy another XL episode of the fourth season of the Turkish soap? The journey towards the super final episode continues at great pace, with these evening events capable of excellent results. But what will happen in the episode broadcast Friday 19 April 2024? Everything will revolve around the dream of love between Zuleyha and Hakan who seems to have finally arrived at the wedding. A sudden disappearance, however, risks ruining everything. Curious to know more? Let's find out all the details together!

Zuleyha and Hakan's wedding preparations

What will catalyze our attention will be the preparations, truly fervent, in view of the now imminent wedding between Zuleyha and Hakan. The party will be practically ready at Villa Yaman where everyone is happy and where the two future spouses will soon live their love together. Precisely for this reason, Lutfiye will move, together with her nephew, to another home. Altun, by the way, couldn't be happier: his beloved Lutfiye will celebrate his wedding, currently mayor of Cucurova.

Fear in the Bitter Land, where has Lutfiye gone?

Everything will be ready for the celebration, but a twist will make everyone's hearts tremble. Strangely, in fact, Lutfiye will be late! The more minutes pass, the clearer it will be that something has happened and, consequently, the anxiety in Zuleyha, Hakan, Fikret and all those present will grow. What happened to the woman?

Given Colak's interference and bad relations with Altun, the first fear will be that he is actually behind Lutfiye's disappearance, eager to take revenge following the demolition order of his restaurant signed by her.

Zuleyha will press charges for Lutfiye's disappearance and the police, given the evidence against him, will decide to arrest and take Colak to prison. But be careful, shortly afterwards Lutfiye will show up at the gendarmerie and will clarify what happened. Vahap stopped her while she was on the street and stole her car to escape thus leaving her stranded. Only through a passage, she managed to get to the place! Here, finally, Zuleyha and Hakan will become husband and wife!

Sermin and Betul desperate and without money

As they had absolutely not planned, Sermin and Betul they will indeed live in very precarious conditions. The two women, even, they won't have money to eat and they will find themselves having to find alternative ways to survive. Sermin will turn into a thief: He will steal a gold brooch from Leyla to resell it and get some money.

A new flame for Fikret in Terra Bitter

Zuleyha will be married by now and for Fikret It will certainly not be easy to accept the situation. However, she won't be able to do anything else and it will be Aunt Lutfiye who will take care of reviving him. In fact, with Cetin's complicity, he will introduce him to a girl who could be suitable for him: Zeynep, an old acquaintance of Cetin and a teacher who recently moved to Adana. During a dinner, in fact, between the two there will seem to be a great complicity right from the start. Was Lutfiye's intuition the right one? We'll find out soon!

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