The Purpetta and Pastenaca Festival is back on San Valentino Torio 2024

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A San Valentino Torio, 41st Purpetta and Pastenaca Festival announces itself as the unmissable event for lovers of good table and create community. From 17 at the 18 February 2024, Spera Square turns into a crossroads of flavors, traditions e solidarity. An event that unites people not only through food, but also sharing values di generosity e culinary culture.

The main dish of the festival

Le carrot meatballs are the center of attention, representing not only a gastronomic choice but also a piece of local history.

La prescription, cherished and passed from generation to generation, is synonymous with conviviality e community identity. These meatballs, more than any other element, symbolize the union between past e present, offering participants not only a unique tasting experience but also a tangible connection with the seeds .

How and where the festival takes place

Spera Square dresses up as a party to welcome visitors from everywhere, from 18:00 onwards, for two evenings of pure divertissement e sharing. The event, carefully organized byCatholic Action of the Parish of S. Giacomo Maggiore Apostolo, is proposed as a meeting point between culture, tastes e stories.

Every detail, from the preparation of the dishes to the welcoming of visitors, is designed to strengthen the sense of community and at the same time support causes international solidarity, such as support for the village of Veyulain Tanzania.

  • Where: San Valentino Torio
  • When: from Saturday 17 February 2024 to Sunday 18 February 2024
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