Walking with the Brilliant Friend in Naples: tour in the places of the series

Tour in Naples
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An appointment not to be missed in Naples for all fans and fans of the Amica Geniale series: an interesting tour in the places of the city where the series was filmed!

Sunday 8 November 2020 at 10:30 am there will be an appointment that fans of the novel and the TV series will certainly not be able to miss The Brilliant Friend. 

In fact, pending the release of the new season on TV, a special event is organized in Naples to visit everyone together the places in the city that hosted the set during the recordings of the very successful series that takes inspiration from the novel of the same name by Elena Ferrante. 

Tour among the places of the Brilliant Friend

The stories of the two protagonists, Lila and Lenù, have fascinated millions of spectators and in fact the first two series of the Genial Friend have received a amazing success. In anticipation of the next season, the city of Naples is organizing a tower, to discover the significant places of history.

The appointment will be at Piazza Municipio and from here we will continue towards Piazza Plebiscito up to the symbolic place of history, that is Piazza dei Martiri, where Lila's husband, Stefano Carracci, owns the shoe factory.

During this walk, guests will be able to learn stories and curiosities about the life of Elena Ferrante, the writer of the 4 books from which the series takes inspiration. To participate it is necessary to book at the number indicated in the information mirror or on the official website.

Information on Tours in Naples

When: November 8 2020

Where: meeting in Piazza Municipio

Hours: 10:30

Price: members 6 euros, non-members 8 euros

Contacts: for reservations: 081 1925 6964 | Official site 



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