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The Faito cableway


La Faito cableway it is a bifune plant to go and come and connects Mount Faito with the municipality of Castellammare di Stabia and is managed by the EAV, the Autonomous Body of Volturno.

It was opened for the first time in the 1952 and its function has always been predominantly of type tourist. Excellent from a strategic point of view as it is very close to the Naples-Sorrento line of the Circumvesuviana.

After closing the 1988, followed by a reopening in the 1990 and one new closure in the 2012, the Faito cableway has reopened to the public the 4 May 2016, after major maintenance and redevelopment work.

It can carry 35 people simultaneously and employs 8 minutes to travel the route.

It will be active up to 11 November 2018, for the moment.

The cable car timetables

After the lockdown due to the Coronavirus emergency, the Faito cableway reopens on 13 June 2020 with runs from 10.00 to 17.00 and the following times valid until 11 July:

  • 10,00 - 10,20 - 10,40 - 11,00 -11,40 - 12,00 - 13,00 - 13,40 - 14,00 - 14,40 - 15,00 - 15,20 - 15,40, 16,20 - 16,40 - 17,00 - XNUMX


To make a journey, the cost of the ticket varies depending on the type:

  • Simple travel: 5.50 euro
  • Round trip: 8 euro
  • Round trip for residents: 5 euro
  • Round trip for under 18: 3 euro
  • Monthly subscription 45 euro
  • Bicycle transport: 1 euro

How to get to the Faito cableway


The cable car is located near the Castellammare della Circumvesuviana stop.


EAV website

Directions to arrive

  • By car: take the A3 highway and take the Castellammare di Stabia exit. Continue on the 145 SS and take the exit towards Vico Equense. At this point, take Via Raffaele Bosco / SS269 and Via Faito towards Via della Funivia.
  • On the train: get to the Garibaldi station in Naples and from there take the Sorrento-Naples line of the Circumvesuviana. Get off at the Castellammare stop and take the cable car.

Latest news on the Faito cableway

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The Faito cableway

The Faito cableway is a bifune system to go and come that connects Mount Faito with the town of Castellammare di Stabia and is managed by the EAV, the Autonomous Body of Volturno.
Address: Near the Circumvesuviana stop at Castellammare
City: Castellammare di Stabia
Region: Campania
Country: Italy
Coordinates: 40.695095,14.482588
Hours for visitors (updated to 4 June 2020):
    Ticket price for visitors (updated to 4 June 2020):
    • Round trip | 8€
    • Residents return | 5€
    • Single stroke | 5.5€
    • Monthly subscription | 45€
    • Bicycle transport | 1€
    Types of payment accepted: cash,