Enrico Caruso train on the Naples-Sorrento: the proposal for the 100th anniversary of his death

Enrico Caruso

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the death of the great tenor Enrico Caruso, a special train dedicated to him on the Naples-Sorrento line!

The May of the monuments is a special event that takes place as has become tradition in the historic center of the city of Naples and in the course of which various events are organized such as guided tours, exhibitions and various activities that come proposed by citizens or cultural associations.

For this year one special proposal derived from Gaetano Bonelli, or the director of the Museum of Naples-Bonelli collection, who proposed to dedicate this edition to great tenor Enrico Caruso, precisely on the occasion of the 100 years that have passed since his death.

The train for Enrico Caruso

Gaetano Bonelli then proposed to dedicate the May of Monuments 2021 to the greatest tenor of all time, Enrico Caruso and more particularly to dedicate to him a train. 

Il Enrico Caruso train will travel on the Naples-Sorrento line, travelers will have to purchase a special commemorative ticket and inside the train carriages there will be images and photos of the tenor. On the journey to the beautiful Sorrento, travelers will be accompanied by a sweet background music with the most beautiful and famous interpretations of Caruso.

Bonelli then launched his appeal to the Campania Region and the EAV, the Autonomous Body Volturno, with the hope that his proposal can be accepted and that therefore this train can be built which will surely be one of a kind.

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Written by Serena De Luca
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