Un Posto al Sole, previews and spoilers from 15 to 19 April

Rosa and Manuel A Place in the Sun
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So many emotions in the last episodes of A Place in the Sun!! And the previews for next week, from 15 to 19 April 2024, they seem to be no exception! Apparently, in fact, there will be 5 unmissable events waiting for us, including jealousies, anxieties, loves who return and others who struggle to take off, dramatic choices and fears. Are you curious to know more?

Viola turns 40, it's a big party at Un Posto al Sole!

Time for celebrations at Palazzo Palladini! Viola, in fact, will be 40 years old and she will have the opportunity to honor this great occasion together with all those who love her most. Obviously among these too Damiano who will get closer to Bruni causing Rosa's jealousy who will surprise the ex with an unexpected choice. Eugenio, at the same time, will have the opportunity to develop an awareness: his marriage is really over!

Valeria and Niko destined to be together?

Valeria will be faced with a very complicated decision. Is Niko really the best person for her? We will see her reflect on this while it will still be difficult for Manuela to get closer to her ex. One thing is certain: Niko will be convinced that he wants to kick the past and regain full possession of his life.

Diana doesn't improve, Nunzio agrees to investigate!

Diana will always be hospitalized and his conditions do not seem to improve particularly. All this will do worry Nunzio who will decide to start investigate Bianchi to find out the truth about the accident. Flavio will be very worriedor that Diana can wake up and report it and, for this reason, he will ask Torrente to help him.

Rosa and Manuel targeted by the Camorra in Un Posto al Sole

Rosa will be busy trying to convince Damiano to leave his house but new threats will overwhelm every balance. Rosa and Manuel will end up in the sights of the underworld again and Damiano will once again try to protect them by trying to understand who is behind these threats.

Silvia jealous of Michele

A completely unexpected visit for Michele: the journalist will have the opportunity to spend a lot of time together with his dear friend Fabiana. An event that it will trigger Silvia's jealousy: Is this the moment he will understand his true feelings? Probable, also because the climate between her and Giancarlo will become increasingly tense.

A surprising proposal for Filippo in Un Posto al Sole

The week of Un Posto al Sole will end with a proposal that will surprise us and which will be completely unexpected. He will do it Roberto Ferri who will look for an ally in Filippo in a particular situation. Does Marina's always sad condition (in severe crisis!) have anything to do with it? We'll find out very soon!

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