Un Posto al Sole, previews and spoilers from 8 to 12 April

Clara, Rosa and Eduardo in A Place in the Sun
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A Place in the Sun will arrive within the week from 8 to 12 April 2024, with intense episodes full of pathos, destined to involve us emotionally day by day. We will see Diana victim of an accident which will have very little that is random, Rossella is continually undecided about his feelings, Ida returns to Naples and put Marina e in crisis Clara finally chooses to tell the whole truth to Eduardo. Curious to know more? Follow us, the previews are truly unmissable!

Nunzio wants to investigate and find out more

Remember the (rather mysterious) attack mentioned Nuncio had he been a victim some time ago? Precisely this will be the protagonist of the next episodes since Cammarota, who has not forgotten at all, will want to get to the bottom of it and find out the reasons why he was targeted. And in the meantime you will have one goal: convince Diana to press charges for what is happening to her.

Diana has an accident in A Place in the Sun

Diana will be involved in an accident during the next episodes of A Place in the Sun. Help will arrive for the girl from Rossella and, coincidentally, from Riccardo. The two exes will thus find themselves working side by side. Scarlett will notice also a significant detail: the Nunzio's concern for Diana's condition and will wonder why even if, for her part, she will continue to be confused about her feelings. About the accident, according to Nunzio it was not a simple accident road but, indeed, behind everything there will be organized crime.

Ida returns to Naples, Marina KO?

After the hard time spent, Ida will finally return to Naples and for Marina and Roberto it will be hard times. Both, in fact, will be afraid of losing little Tommaso at any moment. It will then be a completely unexpected gesture from the child which will shock Marina who will think seriously about what his real place is in the child's life. She will feel inadequate like never before and it will only be Roberto who will try to reassure her.

Clara makes an important decision in A Place in the Sun

In the next episodes of A Place in the Sun, we will see one of the dilemmas that more than any other has involved us in recent weeks reach its conclusion. We are talking about Clara's pregnancy and, in general, about her life. Curcio, in fact, will finally take one very important decision for his future by deciding to reveal everything to Eduardo, confessing to him that she was pregnant. At this point a real crossroads will open up before them: on the one hand the pregnancy, on the other the role of collaborator with justice.

Surprise visit for Niko, couples in crisis

The life of Niko it will seem to flow as smooth as silk. At a certain point, however, something good will come for the young man shock that will force him to overturn his plans. In fact, he will receive one completely unexpected visit. From whom? We'll find out very soon!

Meanwhile, for some couples of A Place in the Sun they won't be easy moments. The misunderstandings will continue between Guido and Mariella. At this point we will ask ourselves if the harmony we were accustomed to will ever return between the two. Also There will be quite a few problems between Silvia and Giancarlo and it won't be Michele's fault as we might think. The responsibility will, however, be Rossella's. How come?

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