Vesuvius, the project of the cable car for the cone of the volcano is born

route of the cable car to Vesuvius

Are you ready to discover Vesuvius like never before?
An unprecedented cable car, which it will take you straight to the crater of the volcano most famous in the world, is about to become a reality.

The announcement was made by Ciro Buonajuto, the mayor of Ercolano, who shared some crucial information about the project.

Agreement reached: the future of tourism on Vesuvius takes shape

A collaboration between the Municipality of Ercolano and the Campania Agency for Mobility, Infrastructures and Networks (ACaMIR) has given life to a fundamental agreement for the birth of the project. Not only that, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility has already provided significant financial support, making 700 euros available.

The gondola lift will not only represent progress for more sustainable mobility, but also a key element for increasing tourist attractiveness, not only for Herculaneum, but for the entire area surrounding Vesuvius, one of the best known and most visited volcanoes globally .

An air trip over Vesuvius: what the new cableway will look like

The journey promises to be exciting, with four stops planned at strategic points of the route.
The cable car will start from Via Bordiga, and along the way there will be intermediate stations in Via Vesuvio, near the picturesque La Siesta restaurant, and the Vesuvius Observatory.
The last stop will be the access square to the Gran Cono Quota 1000, where passengers can enjoy the breathtaking view of the crater.

Here are the steps:

  • Herculaneum, Via Bordiga
  • Via Vesuvio, at the viewpoint of La Siesta
  • Vesuvius Observatory
  • Gran Cone of Vesuvius

A project that looks to the future of the city

"Doing politics doesn't just mean solving present problems, but also planning and realizing dreams for the future, in an increasingly welcoming urban framework of the city, full of services and structures"

Ciro Buonajuto, Mayor of Herculaneum

This new gondola lift is part of this vision, aiming to improve the quality of life and the attractiveness of the city.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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