Bicycle and pedestrian path from Vesuvius to the sea: the works of the beautiful project begin

Rendering of the cycle path from Vesuvius to the sea
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Work has begun on the suggestive cycle and pedestrian path that goes from Vesuvius to the sea in Campania!

A beautiful and useful one cycle and pedestrian path it will be built in what was the route of the old Torre Annunziata - Cancello railway section and will allow for a very suggestive route from Vesuvius to the sea.

The works began in this period thanks to the agreement between the municipalities concerned, that is San Giuseppe Vesuviano, Terzigno, Boscoreale and Torre Annunziata, the Campania Region and the Italian Railway Network. The track should be completed in January 2022.

The Vesuvius cycle path with parks and equipped areas

Along the area affected by the bike path will also be built parks for sports and games for children and beautiful urban parks in what are currently disused stations.

In this way, this beautiful project will also be a way to attract tourists, as wished by the President of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca. De Luca himself said that this project could be linked to the great Pompeii Project and that one could also think of organizing a "Vesuvius Marathon".

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