Tree Festival 2020: more than 1000 trees planted on Vesuvius

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Work has begun to plant more than 1000 trees on the Neapolitan Volcano on the occasion of the 2020 Tree Festival!

On the occasion of the 2020 Tree Festival which is celebrated on November 21st, the beautiful project entitled The Trees of the Volcano, thanks to which they will be planted in Vesuvius National Park more than 1000 plants by the brand Measure.

The trees of the volcano

Thanks to this beautiful project more than 1300 plants including holm oaks, ash trees, downy oaks, strawberry trees and domestic pines will be planted on Vesuvius and will go so to repopulate the vegetation of the National Park which was destroyed by fires of 2017. 

The project  The trees of the volcano born from the collaboration between the brand Size, the Vesuvius National Park Authority together with the Department of Agriculture of the University of Naples Federico II and he wants to emphasize the importance of trees on earth for everyone's life.

Real ones will then be created plant islands of 100o square meters and each will contain 72 trees and 18 shrubs of various native species of the Park.

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